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What's the shortest you or someone you know dated someone before they got engaged Phone Post 3.0

I got engaged 6 months after meeting, married 6 months later.
Still married 12 years later Phone Post 3.0

5 months after first date were engaged, 3 months later married, 5 years in December. Phone Post 3.0

Literally 4 days and 12 to married... It lasted 3 months or so.

Okay, a few years ago I hooked up with a fabulous lady off of Match. She was amazing. We dated a while but took it slow as I knew some other Match guys were talking to her, but she turned her account off.

She goes to a club after work with a female co-worker for a drink and the owner is there and he falls for her and begs her to go out with him. Since he was rich, hey why not.

3rd date for them, she tells him that she really isn't available and has a BF so he drops to a flabby knee and proposes to her. Caught up in the moment she says yes and they get married by an elvis impersonator in Vegas the next week.

Oddly though, they turned out to be incompatible. Phone Post 3.0

One of my best friends and his wife were dating for 3 months I think before they got engaged. Married not long after that. Pretty sure it's 5 years for them this year and they have a sweet little 1 yr old. They seem like they put the work in too. Phone Post 3.0

Lol me and my wife dated for 10 years before we got married Phone Post 3.0

2 Weeks married 6 months later lasted 21 yrs