07/07/07 - Plans?


I thought I'd throw this up in advance that way people could plan for it. I'm free all day this Saturday and would like to train. UFC 73 is that night as well. I thought it might be fun for us to get together and train all afternoon, shower/change, and then watch the fights. I'm game for wherever. Hooters, someone's house, etc. I'm not sure if I can volunteer my house yet (I have to clear it with my better half) but if I can, we can do the usual grilling out/fighting cupcakes thing.

Look, I know you and Steven like to shower together -that's your business- but leave me out of it.

I'll be in ATL the next couple of days (going to run in the PeachTree Road Race) so I won't be at the gym. Call me though, I'm always game for weird ass Ron stuff.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be training tonight (Fri.) at about 6:30 and then Sat. around 1 in the afternoon. Show up bitches!

Ray- call me.

I'll try to make it tonight guys.