1. Biden took out al Qaeda’s leader (and one of the masterminds behind 9/11)! Trump purposely elected not to do this as covered here:
    Trump Could Have Taken Out Top Al-Qaeda Leader...But Didn't Recognize / Couldn't Pronounce His Name!

  2. Biden got the votes for a HISTORIC climate bill!

  3. TRANSFORMATIVE Inflation Reduction Act: Biden convinces rogue Republicans Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to come on board with this bill, lowering the cost of everything from health care, energy, cars to consumer goods and decreasing our dependency on foreign semiconductors!

  4. Biden continues to lower gas prices for the SEVENTH week in a row, pissing off conservatives and Fox News who onced claimed Biden is the sole controller of global gas prices and inflation!

  5. Biden delivers PACT act to provide health care to veterans badly injured by toxic burn pits, only after republicans try to BLOCK the bill but CAVED due to immense public pressure!

  6. Kansas REJECTS the radical right’s wildly unpopular abortion restrictions! States rights baby!

  7. Democrats passed CHIPS act to bring manufacturing jobs home as well as lowering costs for all Americans!

  8. Alex Jones meets KARMA! The right wing’s most prominent and watched thought leader has been embarrassingly owned in court as a liar & criminal after his lawyer accidentally sent the Sandy Hook victims’ legal team an entire dump of Alex’s phone with 3 years of texts and emails and other user data! Because of this, the Jan 6th Committee now also plans to subpoena Alex Jones’ cell phone to aid in investigating the deadly right wing terrorist attack on the U.S. capitol on Jan 6th. More discussion here:
    Alex Jones lawyer done fuuuuucked up

  9. Democrats now FAVORED to win the U.S. senate in some of the latest polls, including republican polls! BBB baby!

  10. 528k new JOBS added in July alone!

  11. and Biden is still your president!

Biden accomplished more good in a matter of week(s) than Trump did for his entire 4 years.


what a great thread! It’s the Perfect Companion to my “MAGAtards Markets” thread!




It’s difficult to fit everything in a top 10 list this week! WOW

Also forgot about Biden making COVID his bitch. He worked through it at the White House with mild symptoms. Compare that to Trump who became severely ill and had to be emergency airlifted to Walter Reed hospital to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatments!


Sadly, I have to give Joe/Kam an F on A$$AULT GUN$ CONTROL though. There’s still time…HOPE!

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In for the OG reeeeeeesponses.


The radical right OGers will nope the fuck out of this thread so hard. Their former failed president Donald J. Trump promised to be a populist but governed like George W. Bush. They will ragequit the thread.

Every one of those items in the OP is something Trump could have done and would have aligned with his promises of populism.

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Biden admin to date

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  1. Well they’re already sky high…

It’s like celebrating you’re no longer the dumbest kid on the short bus…


Ha! I’m no Trump fan, but I think his train is going to pick up steam again.

ehhh I don’t think so…Hillary was pretty terrible and the whole treatment of Bernie created a fissure at the time that Trump could exploit…If Trump runs, Joe MIGHT win still, if anyone else runs, Joe probably loses…complete conjecture at this point I know…

They’re back down to what they were during Bush in 2007 or 2008, and you weren’t bitching then. Under Clinton, gas was as low as sub-$1. Under Bush it was as high as $4.11+.

It’s almost like a non-renewable resource increases in price over time, especially when Russia starts an offensive war intentionally right after his ally Trump leaves office.


Trump to @Nytron 's brain…
Dance Hump GIF

How mentally weak you must be…pathetic…


Sure- same here re: conjecture. We’ll see in 2024.

I wasn’t? Yes I was, you stupid faggot…You know I voted for Obama in '08 right? Oh ya didn’t, b/c you’re talking on something you know nothing about…again…


Honestly dems would do ALOT better getting away from the identity politics…

You had to press a tapout button as an emotional defense mechanism to ensure you remain in an echo chamber.


You’re literally too stupid to argue with on this point…but I’ll try with your feeble mind…If this was the SOLE source of price that’d be true, but your point of prices going down literally proves that it isn’t, fucking idiot through and through…