I agree. This guy and the rest of his cohort, were they there before we pulled out? Where were they?

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OP is delusional as hell. Biden has fucked up every single thing he has messed with, without exception. Are we to believe this will be any different? Even our own governments CBO said this will do nothing for inflation, other than perhaps make it worse.

Hate him if you will but every single thing for every single person, individually as well as our nation as a whole, was far better under Trump. This is not even an opinion it is a fucking fact.

Liberals are quite literally broken human beings. They’re seriously fucked up in the head, and do not even understand reality. Reality says this country has slid further down the hill each and every day, since the senile old bastard took charge, and started ruling and spending by decree. (Executive order) He is the closest thing to a dictator we have ever had, his policies are grade school level thinking, which is why they always backfire.

You and your kind are straight up anti-Americans.

Does OP come off as a person that gets out much?

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I’d fuck her throat

I HOPE you do

Yeah…thats a crazy story…its 3 dead

Great day to be an AMERICAN! :us_outlying_islands::eagle:

Friendly reminder that Texas WILL be a blue State, it’s just a function of time. Texas is the property of the North and will be reclaimed soon.

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Weird…I thought Honda Civics required gas.

I am confused by the segment of the population who thinks $15/hr is a human right but also hasn’t noticed the price of anything rising the last two years.

FYI, starting in 2023, democrats will not need to rely on Machin/Sinema as linchpins to passing party line votes.

Dems are projected to pick up seats in November and have a clear majority, unlike the 50/50 + tiebreaker they have now.

This means FILIBUSTER REFORM is on the menu for 2023.

GOP takes the House in the midterms, but they will likely lose control in 2024.

This means, 2025 will potentially be Dem POTUS + Dem Congress including clear Dem majority in the Senate.



BBBB! So much winning


psssssst… hey, dumbass… they could have done that at any time over the past year and a half…

AWESOME job by Beto there… but not sure if his strategy to convert one person at a time will work, with the election in a couple months and all…

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No they couldn’t.

Manchin/Sinema are not on-board.

In 2023, Dems won’t need them with projected pickups.



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Democrats will have 52 or 53 seats minimum minimum in the senate next year.

Johnson is done in Wisconsin. It is basically a blue state with a single election aberration in which he and Donnie both won in the state.

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Not sure why @Nytron is gloating about this when his hero/guy he masturbates to Bernie Sanders had the following to say