08 Malibu interior

Not Bad, IMO


Not bad at all, GM is really starting to step it up.

I think they are taking a page or two from Holden :)

does the exterior still look the same?

No, it is a completely new model.


Fin could be right, the GTO had one of the nicest interiors in a long time and it was a Holden vehicle.

That used to be one of the main thing I didn't like about Chevy's, the interiors always looked kinda cheap to me.  They've been getting a lot better though.


08 exterior.

"Do they still have a 4-gear automatic transmission straigh outta 1994?"

No, I think it will have a new 6 speed auto.


looks good so far.. GM just needs to start making some RWD's.

think I read somewhere that the Malibu will be about the same size as the Impala, but the Impala will switch to a RWD platform (Malibu stays FWD).

any truth to that?

The newest Impala will probably be on the Zeta platform (RWD).


They will probably still offer the 4 speed in the cheaper versions.


If Chevy did an interior transplant like that on the corvette it would shoot up about 20 places on my most desirable cars list.