1,000,000 Wrestling Websites but..

Not one teaches you how to run your own wrestling fed or what not to say or do in the wrestling world?
How to look out for yourself the best way you can?
What a greedy backstabbing cutthroat business.

So why do we like it so much?
You here stories all the time about any wrestler,legendary,superstar,or even the small indy wrestlers and there is always someone with something bad to say about him/her.
Is it out of jealousy or is every wrestler,big or small,a backstabbing roided-up liar?

I for one would like to know being that I love this SPORT,or whatever you want to call it.

How many wrestlers have to die from "heart attacks" before they have their own union,something to help them take care of themselves?

How can they ever get a union from a sport that is built on lies and deceit?
How would a union be able to work and who would run it?

Why is it that thanks to the information from the internet,we have never looked at wrestling the same?

Since Vince is the only show in town on mainstream TV, it will take some major political action to pressure OSHA to investigate the situation.

No guy in the locker room, who most likely has few other employment skills, is going to risk his meal ticket with talks of forming a union.

It will take political clout and retired wrestlers to get something accomplished.

The horror stories and deaths are evident to every fan, but not to government officials at this point.

There were actually three good chances in my opinion that were blown:

1. When the WWF testified that it was entertainment and not real

2. When Vince had his steroid trial


3. Ventura being elected governor.

All were great times for the government to intervene but so much was covered up for various reasons.

I travel ALOT for work. Not 300 days a year, but I spend a fair share of time in hotels, airports, and driving. Travel for work is inherently unhealthy. Most times they pay meals and hotels out of pocket, so they eat shit and and stay in flea bag motels for large portions of their careers. You never hear of a guy being found dead at a five star hotel; always on a friends couch or a Motel 6. This is why most companies, who want employees to stick around for 30 years, allow you to expense meals and lodging. For instance, when I travel I can spend $50.00 a day for personal food and $250.00 for a hotel room. I don't get to keep what I don't spend. It allows me to eat healthier and stay in better place. For most wrestler, especially indy guys, my days allowances are a weeks pay for them.

The body of a wrestler has a limited shelf life. There aren't too many Ric Flairs out their. The wrestlers are disposable to the promoters.

Tack on painkillers, narcotics, alcohol, and steroids and you compound the problem.

The guys have to perform to get paid. They know this and do whatever it takes. The lifestyle takes it's toll. Soon your 'roid bill eats into your hotel fund. Then your narcotic bill eats into your food money.

It will take a powerful politician affected by the situation to get something done.

"It will take a powerful politician affected by the situation to get something done."

But a "powerful politician" will always try to destroy a business,not help it.
Which is I guess another reason why it won't ever bloom into a stabled entertainment business because like you said,it has too many things it has to cover up.
Who knows,maybe Vince McMahon Sr. killed Jimmy Hoffa?

Politicians have always tried to use the negative side of something to bring it down,but will always say his/her actions are only to "better" a situation.

It does look like such actions will only be taken by a retired wrestler,even though I agree that I thought it would've been Jesse Ventura aswell.

Unfortunately, the deaths of wrestlers are very low on anybodys political agenda. Jesse really could have done something w/ his influence.

Unless another politician has a friend or family member die that is a wrestler, it won't happen any time soon.

At this point, no politician will stick up for the current product and its image. There are no special interest groups being threatened by wrestling. John McCain got the UFC banned due to the influences from his boxing buddies.

I'd rather see the guys get lower pay, get a meal allowance, and a lodging allowance. Of course that is a pipe dream as long as Vince is in control and would deystroy indys.

Right now it would take a Hulk Hogan or The Rock to bring light to the situation. But those guys are healthy millionaires. They have gotten the perks from the promoters from almost day one.

Other guys such as Roddy Piper would be easily discredited.

Vince has to want to set aside his financial health for the health of his employees. That won't happen. They are disposable to him.

Well,if something doesn't happen soon in a positive light for pro wrestling,I have a strong gut feeling that pro wrestling deaths will multiply and drug habits will become alot worse.

What does Japanese promotions do to keep their wrestlers healthier?
Why is it that we rarely here anything negative about their promotions in general,and I don't mean the average joe who doesn't really have a clue about puroresu,but people like us,we rarely ever hear of anything negative except for the whole Yakuza thing.

To be honest, I think the Japanese diet and genetics play a large role in their health. As our Western influence expands though, the diet thing goes out the window.

Japan is also so much smaller that travel is greatly reduced.

The Japanese fans, to me, seem more impressed by freakishly large foreigners than abnormally large Japanese wrestlers (Sumos being the exception). I don't see the steroid pressures and the narcotics legal penalties are greater.

Japanese stars seem to fade away due to injury. The fans love them some hardcore and big foreign bad guys!

Look at the first American stars who made it big in Japan. Guys like Hogan, Stan Hanson, and Big Van Vader.

The same guys that Vince loves. Vince and the American fan like abnormally big or totally ripped athletes. Those attributes are not natural in most cases. Height and general build yes, but not the muscle quantity or quality.

This may sound grim but I would not be a bit surpised to see guys like Battista, Steiner, Test, HHH, or Benoit pass away at an early age. Even guys like Big Show or Rikishi could go at any day. Hell Big Show with his condition and Rikishi being so fat should not even be wrestling.

Look at how many American wrestlers have died in the ring, with Spot being the most recent. They die of heart problems; not broken necks.

If promoters wanted to prevent tragedies they would:

1. Mandate stress tests every 6 months (at minimum 1 year)

2. Conduct narcotic testing and abide by the findings

3. Provide financial counseling (if not a pension)


4. Treat the workers better when traveling.

Everybody has a great fascination with gigantic people,I guess it's because it is rare to see a 7' 400 pound person,and so on.

I'm pretty sure everybody knows how to prevent all of these nagative things,but we really would like to know as to why they haven't happened yet.

IMO, politics.

It would take a politician willing to set aside issues such as special interest groups, health care, unemployment etc......

At this point, it isn't going to happen for pro wrestling.

Other issues affect far more people and have more political implications. I live in Florida and it seems like many of the deaths occur here yet I have heard nothing of political involvement.

Without a politicians initial involvement, a private citizen would need a hell of a lot of time and effort to even get noticed.

Many people, like Dave Meltzer, certainly could organize such a campaign. But they make their living of the same business promoters do.

Classic catch-22.

Damned if ya do; damned if ya don't.

I would like to see some sort of footage of what really goes on in the locker rom,I'm not talking about Beyond The Mat,but I mean something similar to it.
Something modern and up do date,but doesn't just take a look at American pro wrestling but Canadian,European,and Japanese aswell.
A look at how the promoters do things,and how they run their business.