$1,000 Badbreed abs. @ Nashville

Badbreed is doing an absolute division at the Nashville Grappling Open. Confirmed competitors are Wade Rome and Jeff Monson. This will be an 8 man open tournament so send your bio's to badbreed.tv. The winnner of this division will receive $1,000.

This tournament is shaping up to be another great one. Last year's tournament had over 400 competitors in the gi and no gi and the tournament ran extremely smooth, ending at 6:30 at night.

For more information on the Nashville Grappling Open go to www.grapplergear.com. This is a very affordable tournament that ends early and is run professionally.

So far this years sponsers are GrapplerGear, Gameness, Onthemat.com, Jefferson Pilot financial, and Badbreed.tv. If you are inetersted in sponsoring this great event please shoot us an email at grapplergear@hotmail.com

Train hard and keep us up!

ttt for Gameness and BadBreed




10-point must. No advantage points, no stalling - the winner will win.

I dunno, I remember an old mate that was in the Nashville open that dominated Wade Rome (kept on taking him down) but they gave it to Rome.

ttt for BadBreed grappling!!!!!!!!


Thanks NO LOVE! We want to do a 155 tournament too.

Email us if you want to compete for the $1000. badbreedtv@hotmail.com


You got mail!

Dustin Ware

This is going to be a good one! Send those applications in to bad breed!

Jeff Monson and Wade Rome are on the same team, there should only be allowed one guy per team, fair is fair

Fin. The only one person that I can remember in the last 3 years to dominate and it was not an easy task was Jeff Monson.

So who might you be talking about?

I wish I could remember his name, its probably been 2 or 3 years by now.

He is the Michigan State wrestler, Eric....I forgot his last name.

I just remember the match, and Eric kept on getting takedowns on Wade, and should of won, but, they went out of bounds once, and Wade got his back OUT OF BOUNDS and they gave him match point for that.


Dustin Ware is now added.


chad washburn


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Fixed it. I get too many emails sometimes. It's Hotmail and I even even have a paid account.