$1,000 Badbreed abs. @ Nashville

TTT: Right now we have Jeff Monson, Wade Rome, Dustin Ware, Mike Patt. We are still looking for four more competitors.

Dominated ? What fucking grappling match were you watching? I have the tape. The score was 11-2 my favor. Let me recap the match:

I took Eric down and took his back when he tried to crawl out of bounds. As the move initiated in bounds, it was allowed to continue. 2 for takedown plus 4 for back mount (which i had). Eric then tried a few takedowns (which he did not get) and got a takedown late in the macth that started in bounds but went out (again the move started in bounds but carried out so it counted). So the score is then 6-2 and they restarted us in my half guard (where Eric landed) and i swept Eric, passed his guard, and mounted. The match ended with me in North South trying to secure a choke. Final score, 11-2. That being said, the match never should have went that far as I had a guillotine on Eric in the first 30 seconds of the match which would have ended the match had he not broken my pinky finger by attacking only the one finger (which is illegal)instead of the hand.

Bottom line is their was a dominant party in the fight but it was not your buddy. Eric Harvey is very tough but there was a clear winner that day and it was me.

Wade Rome

I used to train with Eric and he is an incredible wrestler and I have that match on tape. I didn't think Eric won but he was not dominated. Wade, I can understand you trying to defend your name from someone who was unjustly saying you were dominated but it seems you are taking it a little too personally by badmouthing Eric. No offense, I think you are a great competitor.


I did not mean to bad mouth Eric. He seemed like a cool guy and he fought very hard. The match was closer than the score. I was simply trying to say that if anybody was dominant, it was me.

That being said, I would not have selected the word dominant had the word not been chosen for me.

Eric IS an awesome wrestler and I would love to match up with him again.



We need four more competitors that think they can compete.

Current four competitors:

ATT - Wade Rome, Jeff Monson
Jorge Gurgel - Mike Patt, Dustn Ware

Does your team have what it takes. Send us an email if you would like to compete.


TTT This is going to be a Great "Absolute" and a Great tournament!!!


I have another one that might be good!!! I'll email you!

I want in....


Email us if you want in? badbreedtv@hotmail.com

u got mail

My name is Jamie Varner (4-1)mma record I'm a college wrestler and my skills on the ground are equil to a high purple belt. Is there a number I can contact you at with more info about the tournament.
Jamie Varner

Badbreed, i highly recommend that you put Brandon Vera from City Boxing in the event , he is a awesome world class competitor and would be a awesome addition and is very entertaining to watch.

TTT for Vera, Badbreed, and the Nashville Grappling Event

Thank you GrappleMania.. I'll be there for the next one.