1/2 Butterfly Guard

not sure if I'm describing this properly, the 1/2 guard but with the other leg using a butterfly hook?

Anyway I've started playing with this lately, AND (plug) ordered Kesting's DVD yesterday. Is there some good competition footage showing some of the sweeps? I saw one with Leo Santos that was really awesome, but haven't found any others.

Rodrigo Medeiros covers this on his half-guard series as well

Gustavo Machado goes over it a good deal too.

where did you see the one with leo santos?

pitbull - it was a tournament video CBJJO? I think. sorry I don't remember the name. It was kind of crappy quality, but still alot of high level guys and Leo put on a display with that.

watch the first minute of this video..chris brennan has a nice half butterfly guard move on shaolin

edited because i forgot the link


edited because you added the link.

very cool, thanks!