1, 3 & 5

Rnd 1
grappling was dead even. The difference was Johnny out landed GSP overall and in power shots.

If you go by the standardized judging we are accustomed, which largely disregards striking when there is grappling, you could say its a 10-10rnd

Rnd 3
Both guys landed decent shots. Gsp landed more overall but Johnny got the better of the grappling exchange. I'd give that rnd to gsp

If you go with the standardized judging that's we're use to, which disregards striking if there is any grappling, you could argue Johnny won that rnd

Rnd 5
Pretty damn even aside from GSP getting the takedowns.

If each rnd were to be judged by the same standards then the fight should've been a win for Johnny or a draw at best for GSP

Imo rnd 2 could b a 10/8 rnd but most judges never use a 10/8. Regardless theres no way GSP should've got the W Phone Post 3.0

On 2nd thought theres no way GSP could even get a draw. As long as the fight was being judged by the same standard rnd by rnd GSP lost

If they count the striking rnd 1 Hendricks and rnd 3 goes to gsp. Hendricks wins the fight by winning rnds 1, 2, 4

If they only look at grappling as per the usual, rnd 1 is a draw and Hendricks wins rnd 3 since he got the takedown. So johnny wins by getting rnds 2,3,4

In both scenarios gsp loses

Its like they didnt count striking in rnd 1 but did in rnd 3?! Phone Post 3.0

Round 1 GSP landed one more significant strike and had the sub attempt so GSP gets the edge in that round.

I'd have to watch it again but I swear after round one last night I said okay GSP survived and managed to steal the round. Just seem like aside from a few moments he was in control.

There is someone out there who is worse at judging that Cecil Peoples!

Seriously, a 10-8? Phone Post 3.0

"10-8" makes your whole post look bunk.

There no way in Hell gsp got rnd 1. Hendricks landed more strikes overall and he landed more significant shots. Even when gsp had his leg. Hendricks was blasting elbows on him.

They both got takedowns and both got up from them relatively quick. Grappling was even. Locked subs that don't end the fight should b considered but that guillotine was nowhere near locked

On the 10/8 gsp was in trouble almost that while round

But like I said even if you don't count it a 10/8 there is no way gsp won

Lol @ ppl getting so stuck on the side comment about 10/8 and ignoring the rest of the post. Phone Post 3.0

They are stuck on it, cause you're stupid.

EatonBeever -

Appropriate lol Phone Post 3.0