$1.4M of products to wholesale..

Hi guys,

A friend of mine has about $1.4M (wholesale price) worth of excess inventory (brand name beauty supply products) from a family business that he wants to unload.

He's asked me for advice on how to sell it, but it's a subject that is out of my expertise. Does anyone have any suggestions?

He has a preference to get rid of it as one giant lot, but I think splitting it up into smaller lots might make it more manageable to sell.


Is he closing out the business or is he just carrying too much inventory?

just carrying too much. I understand that some of it is older, but still good.


hi sobe,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Tried to pick the brains of some guys who I know used to move excess inventory, but none of them ever dealt in beauty products. I guess I'm not much help.

I know a bunch of auction guys, I will make a few calls on Monday to see if they know anyone who can help.

thanks guys!