1 arm pull up

Any bros conquer this yet? I want to start working towards these but don't know where to start. Can't find much info besides practicing dead hangs and holding at half contraction and letting go with one hand Phone Post 3.0

Proceed with caution. I worked towards this for a long time. Was able to do a work up to a slow negative. It puts an incredible amount of stress on the elbow joint. Phone Post 3.0

The best/easiest way to achieve it is by hanging from one arm and hold your wrist with the resting arm , do the pull up and as you.get better start to lower your grip until you reach the elbow which is pretty much the final point until you can do a single one arm pull up Phone Post 3.0

A good question would be why would you want to do them anyway? Phone Post 3.0

mrblonde1281 - Proceed with caution. I worked towards this for a long time. Was able to do a work up to a slow negative. It puts an incredible amount of stress on the elbow joint. Phone Post 3.0
This was as far as I got; I found it to be a test of patience more than anything else, you have to go SLOW if you don't want to get messed up.

I alternated between doing the progression described above (start with chin ups where you hold your wrist and only grab the bar with one hand, then gradually move the hand holding your wrist up your arm), and once I got strong enough I would do a chin up, let go with one hand, then lower myself to do a true one hand chin up negative.

I pushed too fast (I feel like this is exercise demands you be patient, take plenty of time off, skip a week or two every training every couple months, warm up well, do lots of one handed hangs to build up your grip and get the joints and tendons accustomed to the load, etc) and got tendinitis in my elbows pretty bad and backed off. I had started doing folk style wrestling a few times a week and no-GI a day or two a week on top of it and was doing way to much pulling and clinching on the mat to keep pushing and training that progression as a max-strength thing. I injured one of my shoulders on the mats a year or two later and couldn't so chins at all for close to a year, then I've just been lazy and never built back up my chiming strength (when I was doing that I could also do sets of 10-15 strict chins without really working anything besides the one arm stuff, and now I can only do about 5).

I'm planning on trying to chase it again as one of a couple strength moves I'm going to slowly chase, and I'm planning on alternating between chasing the one arm progressions and then just building volume on regular chins, each for a couple weeks at a time. I found that really helpful when I was working on it before.

As for why you'd want to, its fun and builds up some really good strength in a movement that's good for boxing and grappling without needing anything other than a chin up bar or tree limb. If you like that sort of thing, its fun and rewarding, but there's other stuff you can do instead. Phone Post 3.0

Paging Androushka. Where you at? Phone Post 3.0

Ha ha haven't been around for ages!

I could do 1 oap around 10 years ago, I was mostly crushing myself with high volume weighted chins. My elbows still hurt from it. Also made a de-loading system out of some old bicycle-parts (you can youtube androushka77 or just use rubber bands for assistance) Working on the oap again now with a little more careful approach. We'll see how it goes. Some random thoughts:
Be light
Build grip strength
Train midsection in hanging positions
Learn how to brace area around shoulder/scapula together with midsection
Build your weighted chin to 67% bw
Rest enough
Put scapula in back-pocket and tense the whole working side down to your belly-button before giving it a go Phone Post 3.0