1 assist

1 assist is all Crosby could get last night against the Habs.

3 points for Ryder,3 points for Markov, 2 goals for Koivu and 2 points for Kovalev,another great game by Huet, the machine is already on a row since October 5th.

the habs I dont think ever limited any single player or team to anything this year, Huet on the other hand....

they should really rename that team to the Montreal Huets because they are a complete one man team.

did you know that Ponikarovsky has the same amount of pts as Alex Kovalev? while also being a far more complete player.

I'll agree that the Habs are on fire. Saku Koivu is the greastest European leader of all time, a true warrior. He shames that pussy bitch Sundin.

lol @ Koivu, one hell of a captain. the guy has never been past the 2nd round, he will never be in Sundin's league in any catergory.

The best measure of a Capatain is the manhood by which he leads hsi team on and off the ice. Koivu never takes a shift off, fights in the corners, fights in front of the net and never backs down from anyone. He is a pitbull.

He is even more of a man off the ice and sets a true example of the courage with which you should face life.

Sundin has always been a pussy who backs down from people while being way bigger than Saku. Sundin hides behind teammates and would never man up to anyone.

But I guess when one of your old captains is a closet homo who fucks male prostitutes, Wendell Clark, then Sundin is pretty good by comparison.


nice troll attempt bud. Tie Domi never took a shift off either, never backed down from anyone either, and lol at Koivu not backing down from anyone. you want to see a player who doesn't back down, see Wendel Clark who took on everyone, as an 18 year old taking on Behn Wilson one of the most feared heavy's of all time, and giving Wilson all he could handle. Clark also got past the 2nd round, and nearly to the cup where he would have smashed that pansy hab team in 93, no Saku is no Wendel either, not even close.

Back to Sundin. Take a look at their careers, it's not even a comparison. Sundin is as productive and consitent a franchise player as they get, and he has all the intanigibles that you overrate Koivu as having and underrate Sundin as having.

Koivu is a 2nd line centre at best, has been passed off as some type of elite player because the Habs have been so absoulte shit, that they never had a true first line centre in Koivu's time there. Not to mention Hab fans are the worst of all when it comes to overrating their players. As it stands, Darcy Tucker is better than Koivu, and brings everything and more that Koivu brings. try comparing Koivu to players like Tucker, Tsyon Nash, and Domi and leave Sundin to be compared to the greats. Nearly 1200 pts, over 500 goals, sure bet hall of famer, leader of Team Sweden's Olympic gold medal winning team over Saku's Finland team. Sundin on top of all this has been the best player in international competition of his era. He has done everything but win a cup.

by your logic you probably would have taken Koivu over Gretz and Mario, who Sundin has more grit than either.

Huet is not the one who scored 14 goals in the last 3 games...

"lol @ Koivu, one hell of a captain. the guy has never been past the 2nd round, he will never be in Sundin's league in any catergory."

Lies. Koivu is in Sundin's league in one category: 0 Stanley Cups.

Koivu battled a cancer and came back strong, last spring he suffered a serious eye injury and we seriously tought he would never be the same but he proved us wrong again and he's back stronger than ever.

Yeah, well Sundin LOOKS like a cancer patient.