1 Big gripe about GameCube!!!

Not being able to live up to the greatness of some of the 64's games.

Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc.

Those two aren't as good as I was hoping for, Smash Bros in particular. It's a real let down, I barely play my GC anymore. I've been a Nintendo fanboy my entire life and now I can't even get excited enough to play the fuckin thing. I unlocked all the characters and most levels on Smash Bros Melee but once I did that I haven't fucked with it since. Mabye I'll play Monkey Ball 2 sooner or later, considering that I've only played it once since I bought it months ago.

Oh, and from here on out if a game is available on all platforms I'm getting it on X box. I think I might sell my TimeSplitters 2 and Turok Evolution back to the store, fuck loading, ESPECIALLY on Turok!!!!

Why do you hate America?

I'm just done with this shit, I've blindly supported for too long now, I guess I should have called it quits after the 64, which I loved. GameCube has more capabilities and games but it seems like they have no desire on making games better than the last one. There once was a time where Nintendo seemed to improve on their exclusive's with each sequel or new system. I don't see that happening anymore, mabye I'll rent Mario Golf to further prove my point.

GB advance looks very good, but mainly cause of the cool old games imo. Either way, I guess I'm just very disappointed in my GC and myself for thinking it was gonna be more than it was.

Nintendo should keep making GB's and make games for other systems like sega does.

"and make games for other systems like sega does."

Only if they put a bit more effort into them than they did for the GC. :(

Yeah, bit of a disappointing console all-round.... Life's good though buddy. You're at one with M$ now.

I get my nintendo fix in the form of a GBA... I'm playing Fire Emblem and Medal of Honour, pretty cool old-school top down shooter IMO. Fire Emblem is all class.

I have all three consoles. And Im still pleased I bought a Gamecube. I have the Zelda collectors disk, Zelda Windwaker(Best game ever), Eternal Darkness(awesome game), Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, Mario Sunshine. Nintendo has great exclusives thats why I bought it. I knew what I was getting. Quality over quanity. Plus Resident Evil is a gamecube exclusive. And the GC is dirt cheap at the moment. And according to the "Hacking the XBOX" book the GC last longer than all the other consoles. Due to the fact it dosent get as hot.

You gotta play Eternal Darkness, if you haven't.

I agree tho about the sequels. While I love SSMB Melee, Mario Kart was a bit disappointing. What's with them taking forever to make a real Star fox sequel and screwing up both Metroid Prime and Zelda? It's not that they aren't good games but I know making Metroid FPS and Zelda cute and cell shaded cost them sales. Look how much hype the next Zelda is getting because it looks the way people want it to.

Starfox was pretty cool, but it didn't have shit to do with the original. I wish they would have a game that is.

PatK, I too would like a Starfox game that was more like the original. That shit ROCKED!!!!!

They're making another StarFox, but a REAL one with flying/driving and shooting full time. I loved the 64 version.

Fuck yeah Willybone!!!!! That's great news.

Check this out on IGN. There's some free video feeds in there.

My only grip is the fucking controller. Nintendo was always the master of privoding the best control, and they really let me down with the new Cube version. The 64's were the best known to man...

i like the controller, unhappy with the system though.

"Nintendo was always the master of privoding the best control, and they really let me down with the new Cube version. The 64's were the best known to man..."

I agree, as soon as I saw the controller and the system itself I knew it was over.

I too must agree about the controller. :(

Big Pun is correct. Comfortable and well designed for games but they broke like no other controller, ever.

No more bitching from me, I like my GameCube and can't wait for the Wii. :)