1 dream fight that's not a rematch

shaolin vs. gomi

That is one fight I'd LOVE to see!!!!!

Royce vs Wanderlei

Royce vs. Hughes

Wanderlei vs. Couture

Wanderlei vs. Liddell

Shogun vs. Couture

Shogun vs. Liddell

Fedor vs. Arlovski

Arlovski vs. CroCop

CroCop vs. Rizzo

Franklin vs. Riggs

Trigg vs. Koscheck

Stevenson vs. Sherk

Stevenson vs. Koscheck

Trigg vs. Sherk

Ryan Gracie vs. Henderson

Franklin vs. Henderson

Riggs vs. Henderson

Baroni vs. Riggs

Barnett vs. Rodriguez @ 240 lbs. each

Fedor @ 232 lbs. vs. Barnett or Rodriguez @ 240 lbs.

Buentello vs. Cabbage

Keith Hackney Vs Andrew Golata

Come on guys the only fights you've listed that are truly "dream fights" are the best of Pride vs. the best of the UFC. Most of the others are just good mid-card fights.

Chuck & Wand... I would pay a lot of money to see that. Do you hear me UFC & Pride? We would pay a lot of money to see that...

Shields vs. Hughes

Fedor vs. Arlovski










My dad will kick your dads ass Mr Mojo

"franklin / belfort of course at 205"

Good call!

Rickson vs Ruas

babalu vs. couture

Arlovski vs. CroCop