1 free year of training 4 fighters

one year free training at mix martial arts school// starting fight team,only thing is must fight,grappling tournaments or mma, join our new fight team,we teach brazilian jiu-jitsu, greco and muay thai

located in queens ny, for more info:call carmine at (917)502-9376

Sounds like a terriffic opportunity.


damn ttt thats great.


instructors are carmine zocchi brownbelt in brazilian jiu-jitsu,

brian vetell greco roman wrestling
dave martucci muay thai

call 917 502-9376 carmine

Who r u a brownbelt under? What is your website address?

i am under marcelo mello

anyone from ny area can apply



I'd do that in a heartbeat if I was in NY.

been getting alot of calls some good fighter, thanks guys