#1 HW Contender

 UFC 111 it Mir Vs Carwin for the interim HW championship.

That got me thinking, I think that kinda sucks as Mir is 'potentially' getting a title shot with only 1 win after losing the last title shot, and that win was not over the best the HW division has to offer. Plus IF carwin loses then he is out of the title race for quite a while (stacked division), even though it’s not his fault brock could not defend the title.

Got me thinking that when the news broke about Brock being out for some time that a #1 contender tournament would have made things much more interesting.

Could have the 4 HW’s that have been spoken about to be in line with a title shot, Mir, Carwin, Cain, Nog and run a tournament  with each of them facing someone outside of the title run to give other HW’s fighter a chance of the limelight if they do win, there is always some kinda upset


Could have used the Mir vs Kongo as one fight

Carwin Vs Gonzala

Nog Vs CroCop

Cain Vs Struve

Or throw in Dos Santos, Kimbo, R Nelson or Rothwell somewhere in there.

Could be 2 fights per event, winner going through to be the #1 contender in time for Brock’s return. Also with the chance of a big upset of one of the lower ranked fighters getting through

Thoughts pls

heretic fist - Kimbo vs Dos Santos would be a sick fight



1 Cain
#2 Carwin
#3 Dos Santos
#4 Mir
#5 Gonzaga
# .... meh?