1 supp. for the rest of your life

if you could only get one supplement for the rest of your life, what would you pick? protein, creatine, etc.


Legion-X is correct.  I have been dong this for the past 20 years.


yeah, I've been able to load AND cut with food, just depending on how much I take and at what time. VERY versatile supplement, and its avaliable at GROCERY STORES! NO side effects, either- and I've been taking this stuff for 20 years, usually 2-6 times a day. Great stuff, can't go wrong with it.

Gorilla test.

by definition food is not a supplement.......just being a picky little bitch, but to answer the question I'd stick with the new "greens" supplement I started on 2 months ago. I believe it's similiar to the Team Quest stuff, its called Greens First and as far as I know you can only get it through health care proffesionals who have signed on to distribute it. I feel great on it, of course I had to clean up my diet and get my other supps in line, but I'm sold on using green foods supplements now.