#1 top Camp to train at.

if you had the money for 6-12 months of pure training. and u can choose any camp to train at. what would it be?

Miletich Camp. No question about it.

ATT has guys in UFC, Pride, Cage Rage, and K1. Can't think of any other camp that has that.

Frank Shamrock

Doesn't the Miletich team have guys in pretty much every event as well?

MFS, no question.

It would be a tossup between Team Quest, and maybe Jackson's in New Mexico. There is no way in hell I'm tough enough to even sweep the floors at Chute Boxe.

"At" is a proposition and should never end a sentence.  That said, Miletich or Chute Boxe.  Brazil would be fun for a year.  It depends on what you want to focus on really.

MFS, hands down.


Mike Camp;)

sorry didn't know this was an english lesson. must of fell asleep in that class

the Emelianenko bros.
chute boxe

To the people who said Chute Boxe. They are notorious for having foreigners show up and then vanish mysteriously after their first training session :)

Lion's Den

camp crystal lake.



JHR's House of Couch Fu


You talking Pepeekeo/Hamakua coast side, I hope.
Cuz Paradise Park is like 16,000+ for an acre nowadays
And 16 is on the low low end.

My parent's house (in PP) shot up in value over the last year or so.
So many people live out there now is crazy.
We moved to PP from Hilo about 10+ years ago and hardly had anyone.

I also live on the Big Island from when I was 3 until I was 21 moved to CA now 28

BTW cost of living is high, the pay/jobs suck there!


"About 25 minutes outside of Hilo in my neighborhood the median household value is less than 100K. "

Damn! My dream of moving to Hawaii just took a turn towards reality!