1 year blue membership bet. I got gsp

Time to get my blue name back. Figure I'll let a Diaz fan buy it for me!! First taker it's a bet.

For real? People still do membership bets with muds in 2013? Phone Post

Lol you feel better now?

If it makes you feel better I'll renew my blue first!

Wow, taking the favorite, you're quite the risk taker.

Wow, taking a 4-1 favorite. Talk about living life on the wild side. . Phone Post

Plenty of Diaz believers. With the million Diaz threads I figured someone would take it. Thanks for your concern

Guess we can only make bets on fights that are dead even. Forgot that Diaz wasnt fighting for the title tonight..??

Lol I can't win for losing! Nevertheless excited for the fight!!

I'll do a sn bet if anyone wants. If Diaz wins I'll change for 60, it gsp wins 30 days for you. Give ya some odds. Any takers?

I'm note sure why. Mind explaining why? Thank you

Seemed like there were enough Diaz fans that are confident in a victory, that a $30 bet didn't seem far fetched. Iono guess I was wrong