10,000 Days

 I picked up a few cd's on Friday. The new Killswitch Engage, Mer De Noms by A Perfect Circle (which I used to have and ended up misplacing or something.

 One of which was the new Tool cd - 10,000 Days.

 IMO the best Tool cd in a long time. This is one of those albums that I just CAN'T get out of my CD player. (soon to be ripped to my laptop - MP3 player)

 For any fans of Tool out there that don't have this album yet, by all means go pick it up. It's well worth the investment.

most hate it- I love anything TOOL does-

the tour was awesome...they did something that I've never seen a band do...usually the band goes offstage while everyone freaks out 'til the come back, not TOOL-

the stage gets dim and they all go sit on the drum riser and just chill, watching everyone scream for them...that was real rockstar I thought-

I think it was a really good cd, Rosetta Stoned is a pretty crazy song. It seems a little disorderly though. It doesn't really foolw a theme or a mood like their other ones do(IMO). With that said AEnima was definitely the best.

Lateralus = genius