10-10 rounds would have fixed Edgar/Maynard dec.

Seriously, what is the point of being able to score draw rounds if the judges don't anyway?

I really don't like the thought of judges having to pick a winner each and every round when sometimes it's just so damn hard to pick a winner. In that case, it's a 10-10 and that's just the way it should be. There should be WAY more 10-10 rounds and I think that may help with some of the shitty decisions and whatnot.

In this case here's how the Edgar/Maynard fight would be scored.

10/8 Maynard. 10/9 Edgar. 10/9 Maynard. 10/9 Edgar. 10/10 draw. 48/47 Maynard clear cut winner and we don't need to see this immediate rematch crap. I really hate them for the most part, I like to see different matchups.


I rewatched the third round twice. Edgar won that round. Watching it live, I wasn't sure, but after watching it again, there's no doubt. Gray gets a takedown near the end of the round, and lands 2 solid strikes while standing. That is it.

Edgar landed many more strikes, and after the takedown he attempted 2 submissions. Gray did nothing with the takedown.

^^ Im not sure but that was a close round too.

I thought Gray landed more power shots and with the TD, I gave him the round slightly, but could go with a draw.. Would have to watch again but even if Frankie landed more, Gray landed harder power strikes I believe.

Both the third and fifth rounds were too busy to realistically be 10/10 rounds.

MrMaxwell - Im fairly sure the 3rd judge scored the 3rd round 10-10

Nope, I have the official scorecard, no 10-10 rounds on it. Two judges scored Rd 3 for Edgar, one for Maynard.

Did you not see the punch stats of those rounds? Im pretty sure they were pretty damn close.