10 Day Workout Plan

Hey guys, I've got 10 days before I head down to the beach with some hotties and I Havn't been to the gym for awhile but just recently joined one for the summer.
I need a plan to get as much done in 10 days as possible. The problem is I tore a couple ligaments in my ankle last week so I'm kinda gimpin' around. I want to work cardio along with a lot of upper body and abs especially. I'm thinking that swimming laps is about all the cardio I can do. I've got nothing to do but workout right now but I need a plan from all you strength and cardio machines. thanks

you'll never be able to do anything in 10 days. The only thing you could do is drop water weight and thats really unhealthy. If your planning a workout find one for longer than 10 days and stick with it.

Hey guys, I want to add 3 inches to my biceps in the next week or so. Any suggestions?

Something that you have to understand is that you can't lose more than 2-4 pounds of real fat weight in 10 days. Also Kitosho you can't add 3 inches to your bicep in 1 week. Lifting, dieting, and cardio takes time to work. If you could just drop weight in 10 days or add muscle in 1 week everybody would be thin and have body builder muscles because it would be simple. The best thing you could do is create a workout plan and stick to it. Within a month you should start to see results and within three you'll start to get good results. But short term just doesn't work.

[/extreme sarcasm]

4 pounds of fat in ten tays is EXTREMELY generous. You'd have to make changes almost noone is willing to do, and even then...


thats why i said 2-4 pounds. some people are blessed enough to be able to lose fat weight fast. Also sometimes in the beginning you can drop more weight at a faster rate. 4 pounds in 10 days is not extremely common but it's also not unheard of.

Four pounds in ten days is possible, but only half could be fat, the rest would be muscle and water.