10 foot python slithers up toilet, bites penis


Why not cut the head off?

I thought all Thai fella had machetes lying around?

scratches trip to Thailand off bucket list Phone Post 3.0

Sorry about that.  I was taking a piss in the bathroom next door and wasn't paying attention.  Next thing I know, my Python is snaking through the pipes marking its territory.  Sh!t happens when you OG like I do.

10 ft python >> 2 inch thai hog Phone Post 3.0

Oh fuck Phone Post 3.0

The stuff nightmares are made of. Phone Post 3.0

That must be the cleanest bathroom in Bangkok Phone Post 3.0

When I was younger, a snake slithered up the piped and into my grandma's bathtub.


The house was in rural NE Tennessee.

He must have been trying to take a shit on that porcelain squatter. Phone Post 3.0