10 Hottest Ring Girls in MMA

To be honest, I don't think #10-8 are all that hot, but we wanted a round number.


If you know of any good lookin' card holders in regional/local promotions, let us know.


 well, they're out of order, but it's a pretty good list.


judging only from those pics, Rachelle Leah HAS GOT TO HAVE the number one spot. god damn!!!

 Rebecca Love isn't a WEC girl, they got that wrong. 

They're also wrong for not putting our other ring girl Brittney on there:


WEC Ring Girls are smoking hot.

 Emily [IFL]

rebecca love has got a set of cans on her huh

I never got into IFL Emily...then again, I never got what was so hot about Rachelle Leah either. But I knew if I ranked her any lower than #6 I might get banned for life...


In my book there's Arianny and then there's the rest.

Very happy to see her at no1 she deserves it big time.

10 is hotter than 9.

Ex ring girls shouldn't be on the list.

Arianny pw3ns them all

 hell yeah, 9 is a mutt with boobs anyone can buy. 10 should be 2, IMO.


1. Amber Nichole Miller (tho not the best pic of her, imo)

2. Christie Cartwright

3. Arianny Celeste


7-10 dont even belong on that list!

Surprised nobody mentioned Cat from the old WEC. That is one sexy woman.

Card - Emily [IFL]


quickfix - Surprised nobody mentioned Cat from the old WEC. That is one sexy woman.

Good call!

racheal is not the hottest....fake bobs that are too small and a weird nose...and she doesnt have hips

Do you mean Rachelle?? ^^

Word to Mr. Malcolm. Amber Nicole is the sexiest of the bunch.