10 minute first round in UFC...

The things that made pride fc a step above the rest: Knees to a grounded opponents.Yellow cards to speed up the pace and threaten purse, and the 10 minute first round. i'd love to see these 3 rules brought in, but may or may not happen, but the 10 minute round seems possible. What you all think?

Im for 3 and 5 rounders to open with a ten minute round.

Since I started watching MMA I've wanted to see PRIDE rules, with elbows, in a cage. The 10 min first round with judging the fights as a whole should be a must. PRIDE had it right by judging based on who tried to finish the fight more. It increases the action, and you see guys going all out the last seconds in a fight, none of this "I thought I won 3 rounds earlier, so I just coasted through the fifth" ala Johnny Hendricks.

Oh yeah, almost forgot about yellow cards!!! Fuck it, just bring back PRIDE. Phone Post 3.0

Agreed. Bring it back. There Would be Many less decisions IMO. Phone Post 3.0

I would love to see the 10 min first round comeback. It was a game changer regardless who was the favourite going in