10 people killed in a racially motivated mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket

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Many cops also believe in the same conspiracy theories as this and other White supremacist domestic terrorist. The same unfounded conspiracy theories that set in motion this and other racially motived hate crime: White replacement theory (the White race is being replaced), White genocide and White victimhood.

Because of this, when many cops encounter a White supremacist domestic terrorists in a situation like this and other killings, they can’t help but have sympathy for the shooter. Immediately they think: “Poor guy, his life is now ruined, only because he did what needed to be done.”

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It’s funny that I’m seeing headlines all over my news feed about a “racially motivated attack” but I don’t recall seeing any such thing when a couple black supremacists decided to commit mass murder.



that doesnt mean i dont condemn it

i condemn anyone who uses these types of incidents for political purposes

including you

a far as condemning this guy i shoudnt have to really

i think we all agree murder is bad

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Show me where I said the articles didn’t exist. I’ll wait.

Go back and try re-reading what I said. I would think for someone who was flaunting their evolved intellect in another thread that reading comprehension would be a well developed skill. Guess I was wrong.

That’s White grievance and White victimhood. We can only complain about something, if we think that there are powerful forces conspiring against the White race. So one chooses to not see what everyone else sees (reality), because to not see it, feeds our White grievance and white victimhood (this is good), and to see it would only contradict and remove our White grievance and White victimhood (this is bad). We can’t have that.

I appreciate your troll.

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This White supremacist domestic terrorist is only 18 years old, yet he has already written 180 page manifesto. In it, he describes himself as Fascist, a White supremacist and an anti-Semite.

I’m just being honest and transparent. I meant no offense.

I don’t take offense to trolls, I just wanted you to know I appreciate your troll game.


His gun had the N-word written on the barrel along with a white supremacist slogan.

Butt is it a clear difference, between a racist and white supremasist.
Can you be a black supremasist? Or only other supremasist?

LOL, no…no you’re not…


If false flags are a real thing, this is what it looks like

Just more evidence of NY turning to shit under Dems.

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I believe that a White supremacist is and has to be a racist, but a racist doesn’t have to be a White supremacist.

You still didn’t answer my question? I realy don’t know what a white supremacist is. Or a Racist is it a clear line?

Yes…white people in general are both…we’re born with it…its like a disease or something