10 questions with Mike Cies! :)

 Nice short interview with Mike Cies on nokaut.com! :)

Although he doesn't mention his BFF (me), it's still a nice little read. lol



Mike C
what's it like to be the best looking guy in MMA?


How do you pronounce your last name?

"Sez" :-)

I want to know if Mike only had 5 bucks to his name and he were to eat. Where would he go?

And what would you get?

 Mike IS a sexy beast, but compared to Jeremy Horn? Come on! lol j/k!

Kirik is right..."Sez"!

Tarpein, I bet I know! I also bet another guy that posts here from time to time knows as well! It depends on what day it is, as far as what he would get! LOL!

PS. I would go to CHIK-FIL-A personally! ;)

Bzljj and tarpein...u guys got me.... i would go to subway for the $5 footlongs! Then i would come on here and name drop and let everyone know someones wife sent me an email on my bday, however i would neglect to mention the fact i email them to the point of being a stalker and im a know it all bluebelt who would get owned n whitebelt divisions. LOL. Ahhh the life of a newbie! Its "says-no-lev-itch" for the record. Also i should be fighting again around December. I got really sick to the point of being completely exhausted for my last fight and had to pull out which in retrospect was the best thing i could have done. I thought i just had the flu and was burnt out or maybe even mono but it turned out to be alot bigger deal that i wasnt aware of when i had my lab work done. When it rains, it pours but now Im monitoring the problem closely in order to correct it and am excited to compete healthy in the future.

sorry for the run on paragraph! lol....my cell phone internet is messed up! White...drop me an email man.