10 Questions with Ryan Ackerman

"10 Extreme Questions" by Brandon features Ryan Ackerman, and is online at www.mmaeurope.com. Check out what Ryan has to say about his training etc.

Ryan Ackerman is fighting for the Lightweight Title in AFC this March.

ttt for Ryan

to the top for Ryan Ackerman.

Ackerman is one of the most PROFESSIONAL fighters inside and outside the ring/cage . Win or lose (more so wins) he brings it . And him dropping down to 135 lbs is down-right scary .

Absolutely, and that's why he deserves some spotlight damn it!

TTT for Ryan.

Thank you for the kind words.

RYAN is a classs act. I meet him @ ShootoHawaii when he took on my boy BOZO. One of the nicest guys in the sport but an animal in the ring.
MIKE (Jesus Is Lord)