10 Reasons why Nick Diaz will defeat GSP

  1. Judges won’t be needed…
    While GSP has went to decision in 6 of his last 10 fights, including a loss to Matt Serra. Nick Diaz has finished his opponent in 9 of his last 10. There is no doubt that GSP has faced a higher level of competition. That being said, GSP fights to win rounds where as Nick Diaz fights to win a war. Diaz has the ability to finish his opponent in a variety of ways. While GSP is a complete fighter in his own right, Diaz has established a track record of submitting and knocking out his foes with regularity.
    9. Submissions, submissions, submissions…
    The popular belief is that GSP will use his superior advantage in wrestling to out-point Diaz. This is, in my opinion, the only likely way Diaz may fall to defeat other than a cut. GSP will have to rely on his extraordinary agility and speed during the stand up to avoid the crafty, unorthodox style Diaz brings to the table. The confidence GSP has in his submission defense will be key to his willingness to take the fight to the ground. Nick Diaz holds a black belt under Caesar Gracie and has proven the ability to execute even the most intricate submissions with ease. His go-go finish against Gomi topped off the greatest fight that never happened. GSP can control the fight on the ground for 24 minutes and 55 seconds but Diaz only needs that extra 5 seconds to sink one of those smooth submissions.
    8. Expect the unexpected…
    Nick Diaz has excellent technical skill in all aspects of the sport. The way he uses these skills is what makes him more unique in style than most. The use of unorthodox methods including, taunting, trash talking, distraction and Muhammad Ali mentality, combined with the crisply executed technique of Diaz will confuse and frustrate GSP. Diaz does so much during a fight that his opponents become disoriented without being hit. Diaz attacks the body in a Rocky Balboa-like manner yet is very coy about the way he delivers his bodily assault. Every time Diaz lands a body shot it does damage. Many of his knockout victims have crumbled to the ground from his devastating body blows shortly before the lights went out. There isn’t a sparring partner in the world that can prepare GSP for what Diaz will bring.
    7. Composure?!?!
    Yes, composure…it is well known that Diaz brings emotion and antics to the cage but under fire he is as composed as they come. The ability to get hit repeatedly and still fight is an ability that most do not possess. Even fighters such as GSP do not enjoy getting hit but Diaz appears as if he could care less. Diaz will eat a barrage of punches and continue to stalk his opponents. It is natural instinct to feel fear , excitement and anxiety when being assaulted. Some fighters lose their composure once they start to bleed, others get caught in a compromising situation and freeze up, these things do not happen to Nick Diaz. If GSP is successful in landing strikes, and I’m sure he will be, Diaz will not let it affect his game plan nor impede his aggressiveness. If GSP gets rocked or overwhelmed, I’m not sure he can maintain the composure necessary to survive a guy like Diaz. When under attack it is simple, don’t be scared homey.
    6. The brawl factor…
    There is no question that GSP can handle himself on his feet and is perhaps one of the better pound for pound kickboxers in MMA. In a mixed martial arts contest GSP can stand with any welterweight in the game. When the match becomes a street fight, there is no question Diaz has the edge. GSP prides himself on his sportsmanship and gentle nature. There will be no touching of the gloves in this battle. Diaz is going to take the fight right to GSP, talk trash about Georges’ mother, family, accent and an assortment of other things. GSP has never fought someone as tenacious, violent, persistent and gritty as Diaz. Diaz is a fighter, St. Pierre is an athlete, that makes a difference on several levels. Diaz will be the one dictating the pace of this fight. GSP can influence where the fight goes but regardless of where the fight takes place, Diaz will constantly attempt to end the fight.
    5. The jab…
    The most under-utilized weapon in all of fighting will be a large factor in this bout. BJ Penn proved that a quality, often-used jab can cause some issues for GSP. Diaz has one of the best jabs around, and he likes to use it. Diaz will pepper GSP with jab after jab, setting up power and body shots. If GSP cannot score a takedown, the jab of Diaz alone could score him enough of an advantage to win the favor of the judges. Fortunately for fight fans I wouldn’t expect that to happen. While the jab will contribute greatly to the outcome the finish will be a result of something with much more flash.
    4. The mental edge…
    Both Diaz and GSP are long time students of traditional martial arts. Each man has been trained and conditioned for the grueling endeavors a fighter must endure. GSP takes the mind-set that he is performing his job, earning a living and competing for a championship. Diaz has the mentality that he is headed to war and is prepared to die trying to accomplish his goal. Josh Koscheck was able to get inside GSP’s head to no avail. Diaz will undoubtedly confuse GSP and perhaps cause him to over-analyze and therefore possibly hesitate, thus negating GSP’s speed and agility advantage. The mind -games Diaz incorporates into his style have frustrated even the best trash talkers in the game. Diaz will beat you at your own game and mock you in the process. GSP has never faced anyone that can back up their trash talk like Diaz.
    3. It’s not about a title…
    GSP is on a nine fight winning streak in which he has faced little resistance to his championship reign. He has sat on top the welterweight division defeating the best challengers the world has to offer. Questions of moving up in weight to meet stronger competition have surrounded him for some time now. The idea that being the best for too long creates stagnancy certainly can come into question here. GSP has made plenty of money already and earns a large paycheck each time he steps in the octagon. Diaz is just now starting to get a taste of a UFC main event fighter’s paycheck and has made it clear that money is a top priority. The motivation, drive and desire are clearly on the side of Diaz. Often referred to as “hunger”, this determination has been festering within Diaz since being ostracized from the UFC nearly five years ago. He was crowned champion of what is considered the second-rate organization to the UFC and the title he won was vacated by the previous champion. Those are a couple of the reasons Diaz says he never wore the belt around his waist. Diaz wants to prove to his self and the world that he is the best. Nick fully believes he can defeat anyone on the planet. He certainly has the confidence necessary to be champion. Diaz doesn’t care about the belt, he cares about the self-pride, the money and respect.
    2. He’s tougher…
    I will keep this short and sweet, If Nick Diaz had hi

This is an article I wrote that has people either praising me or calling me a complete moron, lol. I don't care what you think about me, I just hope you enjoy the read and it gives you all something to debate.

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  1. He’s tougher…
    I will keep this short and sweet, If Nick Diaz had his arm cut off he would want to continue fighting, GSP would not. Diaz possesses the same mentality and fighting spirit as the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.
    1. Heart…
    Ya gotta have heart…and Diaz has plenty of it. A “never say die” attitude, fortitude to fight through adversity and persistence to finish are intangibles that make Diaz one of the elite. The combination of his heart and skill create a monster. There is no man Diaz fears. I had a conversation with one of the best reporters in MMA. We were discussing Diaz and he said “If I had to pick a fighter, out of anyone, to win a fight to the death, I would take Nick Diaz over Lesnar, Anderson Silva, anybody”. I can’t say I disagree.
    This fight has the potential to be one of the most entertaining spectacles in combat sports history. Both fighters are very well-rounded, comfortable in all aspects of fighting and in the prime of their careers. That is where their similarities end. You may never see such a contrast in personalities, mentalities and goals. For those of us that have watched the sport since its infancy, this may be the closest we ever get to the old school style of matchmaking based on stylistic differences.
    I expect Diaz to push the pace and take the fight to GSP. I do think GSP will do his share of damage but the advantage on the feet will belong to Diaz. GSP will likely employ the strategy of using wrestling, cage control and top position to attempt to win the fight. I in no way believe GSP will be able to finish Diaz. The fight will probably be very close with several changes in momentum. In the championship rounds I predict Diaz will break the will of GSP. I flip-flop on if the win will be by way of KO or submission. I think at some point Diaz will stun GSP and capitalize for the finish. It would also not surprise me to see Diaz sink a sick submission from his guard. Most think GSP will win, I can fully understand that. There are many arguments to be made for why he may be victorious. All of that reasoning is valid and relevant except…he is fighting Nick Diaz.
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just saw that, thanks, rest is posted above

I really don't see Diaz subbing GSP. GSP could lay in his guard for 5 rounds and not get subbed. He subbed a totally gassed Gomi too.

I'm not sure if it is acceptable to post this but here is one of the links: http://www.hawksopinion.com/10reasonswhynickdiazwil.htm Not trying to spam so if I'm out of line please just remove this post and not the entire thread.

GSP has great sub defense but someone with Diaz' ability can submit anyone, part of the beauty of the sport...anything can happen

GSP wins all day thanks to nick and his cool raise your hands up and taunt... GSP takes the opening with a jab to the nose all night... GSP then times a switch kick to the head. Night night Diaz.

"While GSP has went to decision"

Has went? Really? Has went? Where did you attend primary school? Georgia? Alabama?

Blizass - GSP wins all day thanks to nick and his cool raise your hands up and taunt... GSP takes the opening with a jab to the nose all night... GSP then times a switch kick to the head. Night night Diaz.

Could happen but I HIGHLY doubt GSP wins by KO

Altofsky - "While GSP has went to decision"

Has went? Really? Has went? Where did you attend primary school? Georgia? Alabama?

Out of everything in there, this is what you decide to talk shit about? lmao

nick needs to bathe in bong resin and topically apply huge amounts of pot juice to GSP when he attempts to take him down, contaminating Frenchie's 100% pure blood. GSP will scale out of the octagon and prison rape greg jackson and will have to be talked back to reality by rogan. Phone Post   

 That's very well thought out, unfortunately I can give you one reason he won't win a round or the fight.

1 - He can't stop the takedown and GSP has arguably the best takedowns in MMA.

50-45 GSP.

Blizass - GSP wins all day thanks to nick and his cool raise your hands up and taunt... GSP takes the opening with a jab to the nose all night... GSP then times a switch kick to the head. Night night Diaz.


I agree I hope Diaz wins and I give him more of a chance than the odds makers. WAR DIAZ! Phone Post

Part of being a good writer is knowing your audience. Nobody wants to read all that shit.

Thanks, Nice read. WAR DIAZ!

no way nick diaz wins.. maybe if you were to merge jake shields and nick diaz' skills into one fighter, then that fighter would have a shot at beating gsp. otherwise no way.