10 second KO after 'glove touch' controversy

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle - They should ban glove touching once the fight starts

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Tad Ghostal - Hard to tell if she faked the glove touch from that angle.

 There is a different angle from above, and she CLEARLY faked the glove touch. Seriously shady move. 

Was it a sucker punch? yes. But this perfectly illustrates the stupidity of touching gloves during the fight. You can hug it out afterwards if you want but once the fight starts, don't be surprised if your opponent comes out swinging.

Leigh - Whilst obviously not GOOD sportsman like conduct, its not really that bad. The other girl is the one who wanted to touch gloves, its not like she walked out offering the glove first. If you drop your guard to shake hands once the referee has indicated the start of a fight - where the objective is to get in a cage and beat your opponent unconscious or into submission - then you can't really complain when you get cracked. If you want to touch gloves once the bell has sounded, you should probably clear it with your opponent ahead of time

 I'm sorry but this is complete horseshit. It is not that Gaff's opponent went to touch gloves that is the issue here. Had Gaff kept her hands up and refused, that would be one thing. To GOAD/trick your opponent into believing you are touching gloves, by putting your fist out and coming forward, is a complete sucker move, and defies the spirit of Martial Arts as a whole. 

"Defend yourself at all times" is a shitty excuse for someone being unethical and cheap. 

glove touch = can we stop fighting for a sec ? im not quite ready . Phone Post

I've heard fighters get boo'd because they wave off a glove touch at the beginning of a fight quite a few times at local shows

SJCOTTON - She uses the same strategy I use in undisputed 3 Phone Post
This. Every single time. Phone Post

- Dick move.
- Technically legal.
- Glove touching should be banned to avoid these scenarios in the future.

Daniel Carver - Scott Blevins has done this exact thing.
But what's funny about his fights are that he gets his ass kicked for it. Phone Post

Fact is it's a sucker punch. Isn't she confident enough to fight and win properly? Protecting yourself at all times is the rule, but does that mean you throw out rational thinking, common sense and sportsmanship? The girl who won made herself look like a wuss and a shit bloke. I do agree that this in fight glove touch should be banned. I don't want to see this again. I don't pay to see this. Similarly I don't pay my hard earned money to see in fight glove touch stalling tactics.

When I was training in Central California a lot of coaches instructed us to touch gloves and throw a hard leg kick right after.  I always thought it was kind of a dick move, I'd say "Ok, ok, yeah" but never would actually do it and always got repremanded afterwards.  Once in Phoenix, AZ I had a dude motion to me if I wanted to touch gloves before the bell and then come out, touch and throw a head kick right behind.  It didn't land, but I didn't appreciate it and neither did the crowd, lol.

hard to tell, someone hook up that other angle

no one has to glove tap. But, if you fake a glove tap in order to deliver the first sneaky punch, then you're a faggot, period.

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MMTT_Lloyd gave me my bluename -  anyone have the vid of the guy who fake glove touched and shot for a takedown, and the other guy was ready for it and knee'd him for the KO win?


Dick move. Clit move?

That's a cunt folks

crazydave - 
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ENZO007 - 


That's some pretty heavy duty faggotry.

VectorWega - If you are dumb enough to touch gloves to begin the fight at least be cognizant enough to defend yourself.  I'm actually surprised more fighters don't take advantage of this moment.  I know a lot of fighters aren't too bright, but if your opponent gives you an opening TAKE IT.

Every time this happened, my old school's MMA coaches would remind us and walk us through how to properly touch gloves again to show sportsmanship and protect yourself simultaneously.

Sharkey420 - 
Daniel Carver - Scott Blevins has done this exact thing.
But what's funny about his fights are that he gets his ass kicked for it. Phone Post
At some point, he realized he had to try anything and everything to win...

crazydave - They already touched gloves at the face off ... why do people insist on touching again?

Agree Phone Post

Very dishonorable but the chick that got KO'd needs to keep her damn hands up and chin tucked. She was standing up tall and loose, as if she felt entitled to a full two or three seconds after a glove touch to reset. Touching gloves is fine, just keep your guard high and your opponent won't sucker punch you.