10 worst nicknames in mixed martial arts

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                                10 worst nicknames in mixed martial arts

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Most sports nicknames in the 21st century are boring and unoriginal. These days people think that calling someone by their nicknames is somehow clever and cool. The one sport that has great nicknames throughout is MMA. However, not all MMA nicknames are great. These are proof of that:

Tamdan "The Barn Cat" McCrory

Brad "Hillbilly Heartthrob" Imes

Carina "Beauty But The Beast" Damm

Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg

Josh "Kos" Koscheck

Elvis "The King of Rock N Rumble" Sinosic

Ashleigh "Ash Cream Man" Grimshaw

Steve "Red Nose" Berger

Joseph "The Ho Bag" Bochenek

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 Tamdan, Trigg, Kos, Elvis, Berger??!? That is a UG hatin' list!!?!

^the world will never understand^

I always thought the Baby Faced Assassin was pretty bad.

What! No Joe "JLo" Louzon Phone Post

I thought assassin, pit bull would be one and two cause everybody has them

 Tamdan's nickname combined with the music he has entered to (and tried to enter to according to a post fight interview with Rogan) make him one of my favorite fighters of all time. Speaking of Tamdan, if anyone knows what he's up to, could you PM me? I don't wanna hijack the thread. If I ever fight pro, my nickname will be Mama's Boy.

 I think they mixed up worst with best. I mean "The Ho Bag" on a worst list BLASPHEMY!!!!!!

Handsome and Wiman don't even remotely rhyme, and my GF was like "um... not". End of thread.

I like some of those, creative and funny.

Which I guess is why they suck. I suppose I'll go put on my shirt covered in victorian wing dings and go do a jager bomb now.

Rodney "Shonuff The Master" Wallace Phone Post

Wasn't Leben's nickname "The Cat Smasher" for a while?

It's Steve "The Red Nose Pit Bull" Berger. Very cool dude.

 Hater Hurter

And I guess the writer has never fucked with a real barncat, if he did he would know how bad ass they are.

Kenflo is horrid. Phone Post

I disagree with Kos being on there. His nick name is his actual nick name. I bet he didn't pick it, he was in sports where ppl get called by there last name a lot so it makes since.

and red nose is not to bad he was referring to the red nose pitbull...i hope :)

J lau is the worst just because its to close to J lo. The worm is bad too but funny, also sexyama is bad/gay

Jacob "Christmas" Volkman...

Not a fan of rush. The band and gsps nickname Phone Post

How does "Kos" make the list but "Shonuff the Masta" doesn't? Phone Post