10 worst nicknames in mixed martial arts

Nicknames suck in general

How can Sean Sherk not be on that list? "The Muscle Shark" is by far the worst nickname ever in any sport.

I personally think Wesley "Cabbage" Correira is one of the worst

I always thought Rich "ACE" Franklin was bad, alrighty then

Junior Jr - Ken-Flo
The Dean of Mean

Jardine sucks but i think his nick is sweet

What's your favorite nickname: the California Kid or Urijah?

one on the small shows i went to.

one of the fighters nick-name was "eternal fire"

Tank and The Beast are two of the coolest imo

not a nickname but George Bush has the best name in MMA.


Epic fail. Listing a bunch of ugers. The barn cat is one of the greatest names fighting Phone Post

 pink pounder

Dean of mean is bad IMO and so is abbreviated first and last names IE Ken-Flo, J-Lau etc.

Barncat is awesome nickname.

 learn to count ug thats only 9

the Soul Assassin

lol thats even funnier that there is only 9 listed. Phone Post

 Pitbull is so cliche its sad

Kenflo & JLau are the top 2 worst.

The muscle shark
The king of rock and rumble

Kendall "Da Spyder" Grove always felt like nails on a chalkboard to me because there is obviously already a Spider and there is no reason to misspell every word to make your nickname seem cool and hip.