10 Years of DOOM!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) marks the 10th anniversary of Doom's release. Everyone should dig out those old 3.5s, download ZDoom, whatver.

Then pull out that shotgun and try to remember exactly what it was like to blast an Imp with that sucker for the very first time.

chi-chick BOOM!

When you first take out a cyberdemon and all thats left is a mangled hooved foot, thats a'more.

*jerks head back wildly to dodge fireball on monitor*

The BFG9000 Oh, YES!

It would be awesome if a 10 Years of Doom package was released with Doom 3 that includes all the games and lots of behind the scenes footage/documentary

I can't wait to see the remade bosses in Doom3.

I remember the first time I saw the Cyberdemon in Doom it terrified me. I just ran away as fast as I could. I can't wait to see what they do with it in Doom3...


Never will a game change my world like Doom did back in 1994.

It's a shame ID couldn't mark the 10th anniversary by releasing Doom 3 today.

Doom was great at the time, but lets face it, its shit now. We should acknowledge good games, but leave them in the dust where they fall.

oh stfu troll with your non-sense

lol so you would go out now and pay $30 for Doom? moran

"*jerks head back wildly to dodge fireball on monitor* "

LOL @ Willybone.

lol @ Willybone

All hail doom. Doom2 = hooked up by 9600 baud modem to one friend across town to play until about 4am several nights a week one summer/fall ... then shit talk to each other the next day in class. Ahhh, the good old days.

Now I just shit talk to truewrestler.

Shit talking over video games rules.

Back in middleschool I used to play co-op Doom or Doom II after school every single day with one of my buddies... We never got sick of it

A few months ago, I broke out doom I and II and played through every episode. I use to make levels of my house and shit back in the day. Has anyone read the book "Masters of Doom" about ID software? I was thinking about ordering it.

Todd82 - Buy it right now, it rocks. It's such an awesome book, I've read it 4-5 times already.

Then again I'm a huge Carmack fanboy, but if you're into Doom then read it for sure, it's great.

Good stuff, something else for the christmas list.

"Back in middleschool I used to play co-op Doom or Doom II"

Man spg, you've just dated yourself! :)

I also played multi doom/doom2 and well as Hertic!

(then Quake/Duke hit and thats all she wrote)

Coop was awesome, ecspecially when you got to levels where the cyberdemon spawned. I dont remeber all the details of the particular level i'm thinking of, but I do remeber massive imp carnage everywhere. Keyboard only baby!

Awesome times.