100 greatest of alltime

this is my list of the 100 greatest Mixed Martial Artists of all time, some are listed by accomplishments, some are listed based on ability, and some are based on what they have done for the sport.
In no paticular order.
1 Jens Pulver first lightweight champion.2 Matt Hughs do i need a reason. 3 Pat Miletich one of first cross trainers. 4. Matt Hume the wizard 5. Gene Lebell 6. Kyoshi Sakuraba First to defeat the gracies.7. Royce Gracie 1st ufc champion 8 Dan Severn only triple crown winner. 9 Ken Shamrock First superfight champion. 10. Nathan Marquadt 7x kop. 11 Bj Penn first american wc bb. 12 Dan Gable one of the greatest wrestlers and trainers of all time. 13 Maurice Smith 14 pedro rizzo 15 Randy Catour 16 Mark Coleman 17 that fedor guy 18 Tim Sylvia 19 tito orti88z 20 Chuck Liddle 21 bas rutten 22 vanderli silva 23 vitor belfort 24 ricardo arona 25 mario sperry 26 Josh barnett 27 don frye 28 dean lister 29 dave menne 30 evan tanner 31 rich franklin 32 anderson silva 33 frank shamrock 34 murillo boustamante 35 hayato machida 36 jeremy horn 37 carlos newton 38 Renzo gracie 39 rickson gracie 40 duane ludwig 41 yves edwards 42 royler gracie 43 lavern clark 44 george stpierre 45 diego sanchez 46 forest griffen 47 kevin randleman 48 shogun rua 49 guy mezger 50 amar suloev 51 farmer burns 52 marvin eastman 53 quinton jackson 54 ninja rua 55 hadieko yoshida 56 alistar overeem 57 travis fulton 58 yves edwards 59 tank abbott 60 ranato verhissimo 61 joe riggs 62 ebeneezer fontes braga 63 alan goes 64 paulo filho 65 peter arters 66 sean sherk 67 josh koscheck 68 shonie carter 69 nate quarry 70 mirko crocop 71 frank mir 72and that norguria guy 73 shaolin Riberio cause his name is shaolin 74 is cabbage correria 75 is bob sapp 76 andrei arvolski 77 Mark kerr78 pele landis 79 dan henderson 80don frye 81 genki sudo 82 din thomas 83 josh neer 84robbie lawler 85stephan bonnar 86 is chris Leban 87 ricco rodrigez88 is mark coleman 89 kevin randleman 90 elvis sonosic91mike tyson youngest champion of all time 92 cael Sanderson 93 Bruce Lee 94 don wilson 95 frank dux 96 marco ruas 97 bernard hopkins 98igor vovanchince 99david doddd 100john lewis there you guys go the best of the best

I love how he didn't spell half those names right.

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funniest thing ive read all day

I only saw that Shonie Carter was ranked above Mirko Cro Cop and that was enough to tarnish the credibility of this list.

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Josh Kosh, Nate Quarry and Forrest in there. LMMFAO

That's all you need to know about how dumb this post is.

"35 hayato machida"

Is this a Hayato Sakurai/Ryoto Machida crossbreed?

... and theres only 72 in this top 100 list.

I think that if you mention "and that norguria guy", you are probably not qualified to make an mma list of any kind.

Where's Koko B Ware in that list???

I like how Dan Gable is listed,but has never fought in an MMA fight.

Do you have brain damage?

Ok Mark, you have everyone making fun of you. Are you happy now?

ttt for Mark Long.....And his new record for the shortest tenure in MMA.TV history.

Ok, normally the hazing that takes place for "newbies" is not called for. This is not the case this time.