100 really cool pics from UFC on FOX 5

I wish I knew how to just make it available here, but I'm limited in my tech knowledge. But our USA TODAY photographer came up with some nice shots from last night's event in Seattle. Especially from the Bendo vs. Diaz matchup.

Take a peek:



Pics?  Toothpicks?

Lame jokes aside, there are some really sweet photos from that gallery!

bruised - 

Lame jokes aside, there are some really sweet photos from that gallery!

The Brown-Swick pics are good too.

And thanks for the comment, bruised.



greattt stttuff

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Thanks, everyone.



You're the man as always George!


Down to do another UG get together in July? :)


Mi casa, su casa. There's shows before that though. At the end of this month (UFC 155) and Super Bowl weekend too (UFC 156). You coming through Vegas for those?


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Much love for the mmajunkie family. Great podcast guys and awesome news. Phone Post


Just went to Seattle (if you hadnt noticed lol). My wife would kill me if I go to another one so soon. I am working on possibly going to Jersey for Sonnen/Jones but the soonest I'll be in Vegas will be July 4th weekend. 


I love Vegas and wish I could come out more often.


really creepy pic


10er4life -- thanks for the kind words.

matt -- let me know if anything changes. always great to see you and it looks like you guys had a blast in seattle.