$1000.00 Says Josh Barnett Would beat Jones

Stronger Way more experienced Jones couldn't do anything to him Barnett by ass kicking ground and pound.

 since we're talking fantasy why not more than 1k?

Thats why there's weight classes. It's like saying I bet GSP beats Aldo. Phone Post

And how do you hope to resolve this fantasy match up to see who wins the $1000?

Of course he would. Semmy Schilt would beat his ass in an MMA fight too! Phone Post

Tim Sylvia would gank his ass.

DoomFarmer - LOL @ a couple of these "weight difference" comments.

Not cool with it when Jones is the smaller guy? Phone Post
OP picked a guy who weighs in over 50lbs heavier than Jones. Even if you use Jones's walking around weight of 230, Barnett is still 30lbs heavier. Jones doesn't have 30lbs over any LHW he's fought in the UFC. Jones isn't even the biggest LHW, he just has a freakish reach. This thread concept is dumb, so OP gets some dumb responses. Phone Post

$1000.00 is 100% correct.

$ 1.000.000,- says Mohammed Ali takes Jones under K1 rules in 1974!

Any takers? Didn't think so bitches!

A guy with 420 in his name grasping at straws to belittle JBJ, imagine that.

I love to think he would too but it's hard to tell how he'd go vs bigger talent.

I'd love for him to get a shot JDS and get KO'd instantly. Phone Post

Livin the 420 dream bro. That's who I am. Phone Post

Midway99 -
Looney Ronulan Paultard -
Midway99 -

saw this last night.... hard pass.

Why would they mark it up so high??

This guy is a joke.  He does have a lot of rare stuff, but he jacks prices.  I saw an Angels Envy for 2.5x the price that a supermarket had, directly across the street.  I played dumb and he is so full of BS, explaining how he is the only one with these bottles (I'm thinking "no s@$t, your prices are ridiculous").  

so I go buy the AE and show him.  F this guy.  I think his store is a front for something else because none of this stuff ever sells.  Or he just prays on the ill informed.  

So no wonder he has the Old Fitz.

The 15 year is hitting shelves soon.  Wonder how much he will trying selling that one for.

Josh all day.

Josh Barnett would win by sub in round 1!!!

inf0 - Tim Sylvia would gank his ass.
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Even in fantasyland this probably isn't true. A closer to "prime" Sylvia failed to impress vs Brandon Vera, and spent most of the fight in the clinch. I wouldn't be surprised if Jones could take down Tim from the clinch, and then it would be smashing time.

#1 heavyweight in the world!

DoomFarmer - LOL @ a couple of these "weight difference" comments.<br><br>Not cool with it when Jones is the smaller guy?

You're obviously not familiar with the concept of weight classes.

$5 says Kobe hits his next Jumper. Phone Post

LOL. Jones would kick-fuck that queefy pastry.