100k a year and barely work or 1 mil a year and almost always be working?

What would you rather have?

You would get a vacation of one week with the 1 million dollar salary and 5 sick days a year. Working 7 days a week wouldn’t always be the case but there would be no set days off. A job where even when you’re at home you still have a phone glued to your ear for at least an hour or two after you have already left the office. It would be a real shit job too with long hours(12+ a day). Like selling penny stocks to old people. Don’t ask me how you make a million a year doing that but somehow you do and its very stressful

Barely working would be at the office 2-3 days a week You basically watch youtube all day or movies from netflix. Nobody asks you to do much of anything and no heavy lifting. You’re essentially an empty suit, there to collect a paycheck. You’re of course in management. So you will be bothered from time to time with nonsense from customers, you give them a coupon to shut the fuck up and leave and then you go back to watching japanese honey bee’s defensive methods against the murder hornets on youtube.

Where can I get the $1M job, because I was doing that type of work for far less.


The total amount of years is the important part of this hypothetical.

Because if I get to pick years, why wouldn’t I do $1m for 3 to 5yrs and make the equivalent of 30 to 50yrs worth at 100k ?


I would pick the 100k ….always strive to live happy and stress free


That kind of free time with that salary you could make a lot with side hussles and still not work too much

It’s long term. Your one and only career for life until you reitre.

100k easy decision


This isnt even a question for me, I could do 3 years of shit and bank a couple mil, pretty simple by investing smartly and gaining interest on that amount of cash I’d never have to work again.

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Then neither the hours nor the pay really make a difference, but it’s really about how meaningful is the mission, what skills am I building, what talents am I using, and what legacy am I leaving.

OP just stated that it would be career long until you retire …so I’m guessing until 62? Fuck that


Where’s the option to make $250,000 a year just for shoveling shit in San Francisco?


100k, no question

I live in one of the lowest cost of living areas in the country. 100k without having to really work would be amazing. I’d just invest most of it.

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Unless you live frugally and retire early. That sounds kind of tempting, provided I don’t die.

My old man died when he was 51 and even if he had done my option, he wouldn’t have got to enjoy it. So he would’ve just lived frugally, which doesn’t sound appealing.

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100k all day. That’s basically a universal basic income, money for nothing. If I ever felt the need to earn more I would have plenty of time to start my own business, freelance, get an additional job, etc.

Who cares about making a million dollars a year if you are miserable for the vast majority of your waking hours.

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Then the 100k option.

Not even a real choice. I’m currently trying to figure out how to have half that and not work

I’ve been deployed and worked more without the time off doing the shittest work imaginable with zero comforts of home for WAY less.

Sign me the fuck up!

Easy decision for me. Give me the $1M. I’ll work 1 year and that’s equivalent to that $100k job for more than 10 years (time value of money). My time over 10+ years would be mostly free after. I’m also pretty much working all the time now anyway and making way less than $1M.