100k a year and barely work or 1 mil a year and almost always be working?

Again…OP said you have to work a lifelong job …you have no option to work one or two or five years and then retire …I’m guessing you have to work until you’re 60

Or you could learn to read.

It’s all or nothing

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I would pick the 100k, tellecommute and spend most my time traveling Thailand with my phone turned off!

Another one that cannot read lol


How many ladyboys can u buy with 100k a year?

OP said its your 1 career until you retire. Nothing says you can’t retire after 3 or 4 years.

Which one requires i be double vaxxed with a booster shot?

That’s the one for me.


Which one has the hotter, sluttier, more willing secretary?

I’d work three years at the million dollar job then quit. Working three years at the shitty job would earn the pay of 30 years at the easy job.

How so? I’m done after a year.

As everyone has said work hard for 1 mil a year if you can retire early in 5ish years. Otherwise the 100k a year job. No sense having a shitload of money at 65. Probably 1/4 of us will be dead before we even reach retirement age.

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Correct. Life expectancy is dropping because of our horribly unhealthy lifestyles. I have no idea why ppl that got diabetes in their 20’s and are 50 lbs overweight with high blood pressure think they’re going to live to 74

Sure it does. Your hypothetical kids could go to better schools and have things you never had with the $1 mil salary. Your stay at home wife could shop all day. You’re vacation could be 10x better than the one with the 100k salary. You would be giving up time with your family but in turn you would be giving them a “better” life. Of course the argument is whether or not it’s “better” but I can see it both ways.

The skills and mission are nonexistent. You don’t do anything meaningful. Nobody will remember the work you do. You sell penny stocks to old people. You’re not finding the cure to cancer.

KSAC took that job.

There are way too many miserable wealthy ppl for me to think material wealth makes you happy

You wouldn’t be able to do other work. You can’t do anything that adds or subtracts to the amount of money or time. You work the same job your whole life until retirement. You can make a little money on the side like stocks but no more than 10% of your yearly income. Otherwise it would be too easy to pick the 100k.

OP doesn’t get to make the rules. After 3 years you quit, what’s he gonna do, enslave us?

Yes. You now work as a miner in Africa somewhere making your 1 mil salary. The work is grueling. 30 years into working every day, you realize had you never made the post I’m quoting you could have had an office job. You then kill yourself by driving your own pickaxe into your skull. Your wife marries your best friend and they enjoy all your money as your kids call him dad instead.

And also, you learn that because you were too exhausted to stuff her during your marriage, said best friend was filling her up with his huge dong.