100k a year and barely work or 1 mil a year and almost always be working?

I hate not doing anything. Having a job where I have to just go and fuck about all day? That’d be fucking torture. Likewise working like a dog sucks.

I’m perfectly content with my current situation. I make enough money where I don’t worry about anything, and I absolutely love what I do. Sometimes things are calm, but a lot of the time it’s busy/insane, mostly 40+ hours but rarely more than 50.

Sounds better than either situation presented in OP.

@Cloaca_the_Powerful what country / city are you in? In NYC those jobs don’t really exist, at least in the white collar world. Well that’s an overstatement, but the norm is longer hours and pretty grueling work culture.

Denver area.

I cut my hours back to 32 hours a week and I’m loving it

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Damn dawg. And Denver has good salaries too from what I’ve heard.

100k then work my ass off doing something I love for free.

Depends on the industry, Colorado is a desired destination so you have a lot of young professionals moving there which tends to depress salaries

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It’s ok I guess. I have a small sample size but I do fine. I’m an engineer so I’ve always been above average salary.

Housing is bananas. Decent neighborhood in the burbs, you’re starting at $500k. Only getting more expensive…

But it’s pretty great here.

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I lived in Colorado ten years. It’s a great place but expensive and getting more so every year. Hard to believe we bought a fixer upper right near downtown in Denver for 190k in 2011

Here in Pittsburgh, I’ll take the $1M/yr. I’ll work constantly but I could manage to save and invest $900k of the money and live well off of $100k. At 37 years old, I’ll work like a maniac for the next 15 years and retire. Use the money I saved and invested to set my kids up for life. I don’t want much for myself, just a '64 Thunderbird convertible and an Aston Martin DBS. I already own my home but I would probably move to a different middle class suburb and pay cash for a house.

Sounds a lot like the management jobs where I work, only they work from home, not the office.

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Easy. 100K/year.

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Tomorrow is not promised friend.

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Smart person can sacrifice a few years of their life. I’d take the million and invest all of it I can. Within a few years when I have over $3million I retire. By that point I’m collecting 100k in dividend as passive income, that I don’t have to work at all period.

Think of how much shiba coin you could get with one million dollars.

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Huh? How would you get $100k in dividends?

This is true. Maybe I’ll settle for the $1M/yr and give the money to my kids up front.

If you’re not making money you’re spending it. 100k a year ain’t much but figure I could have a side gig during the day… I’d say 100k with freedom is prob more my vibe

If you’re investing for a few years most of your income you should be able to save over $3 million. If you have a portfolio collecting 3.4% dividend you’re collecting around 100k in passive income annually.

It’s obvious folk on this thread are not investors and just work paycheck to paycheck.