100k five stock portfolio, what would you choose?

Self custody BTC bought off an exchange and transferred to a trezor

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I think it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard off…

That being said I just invested in a metaverse fund.

I didn’t own any but I watched my coworkers run up then get wrecked. I’m aware there could be a massive pullback and am prepared for it. I hope the massive institutional investments keep the price from collapsing. I’m planning on hodling for at least 5 to 10 years.

I went from broke to over 7 figures with Tesla. I’m hanging on for the long run. Making my money to live on with covered calls. But Tesla has given me and my family a new life for sure.

And it is just beginning. Still not too late to get on board the Tesla Rocket.


Now that I know a little bit more…How could Black Rock not be a part of a portfolio?

They own everything.

Its like betting on the house. A risk free holding.

Its like a few months ago people would have put Square, PayPal, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Peloton. Those stocks are sucking right now

Things could change. Black Rock has influence. I don’t see a way they can lose.

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My God my $TDD! I said will hit $100.00 but did not expect it to do it in the next day! My stock of the year!

Bought a shit ton of calls on LCID last week that hit so far an 8 bagger for me! 800 percent! Also buying $AMZN today as well…It’s about Rivian IPO! If this comes out over 60 billion on first day trading than $LCID should jump to $50.00 and $AMZN owns 20% of Revion! As I type this $AMZN is about to breakout!


AMZN buy 3600 calls right now kids!

$AMZN running here breacking over $3555 resistance! THis may go here!

amzn 3800 next weeks at 12.1


Where do you guys go for your information? Google finance?

Is the Wall Street journal worth the money?

The OG is all you need.

Months ago my boss went on and on about RBLX telling me to buy it in the direct offering. I bought a couple hundred shares.

I wish I bought more!

AMD has to be one of them. I think it has way more potential

This fellow went a bit too far with a $150 Tesla price but a $350 entry point would be a great entry point.

Bro go get on stock twitts and start fallowing the most fallowed twitter accounts. Go look at @Trendspider @@unusual_whales @Ripster47 so much more…

Shit I don’t do twatter, is it a must have for stocks nowadays?


No but so many great traders on there that exchange ideas, teach and even run private trading rooms. I fallow about 600 amazing traders and am in one paid service and we bank!