100k five stock portfolio, what would you choose?

most of the guys I fallow are on stocktwtis but I only use twitter now…better traders.



Bought a shit ton of calls on LCID last week that hit so far an 8 bagger for me! 800 percent! Also buying $AMZN today as well…It’s about Rivian IPO! If this comes out over 60 billion on first day trading than $LCID should jump to $50.00 and $AMZN owns 20% of Revion! As I type this $AMZN is about to breakout!

WELL, WELL, WELL FUCK YES! I should kill it tommorrow kids!

Rivian prices IPO at $78 a share, valuing company at $66.5 billion (cnbc.com)

looking to buy puts on AAPL tomorrow moring if it does not tank in pre markets due to judges rulling!

When it gets that high there is nothing wrong with taking profits. I’ve sen way too many people hold and the time decay eats away at your profits big time. Sell some to capture that profit.

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YOU know these idiots who put a PT this low on Tesla are paid shills right? They have huge stakes in the dinosaur car business. It’s in their business to tank Tesla. But guess what, it’s not going ot happen. They 'll be BK before the end of the decade. Tesla is a huge buy.

These people are literally paid to put out FUD. All fake news. Consumer reports bagging on Tesla last month. But wait, Ford Motor company is one of their main supporters. They wouldn’t be biased now would they. LOL

In the approx 1 yr. since this portfolio’s 1 yr performance would be:

WWE: +54%
SWBI: -48.3%
RICK: +38%
MO: +3.3%
XOM: +86.5%

So 4 out 5 delivering positive returns.Not too bad.

This was pre-Holy Grail.

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I hsve xom and mo

If we get to rebalance for another year this is what I would do:

Keep SWBI and MO.


Add: HUT, BIG, and CLF.