100kg + fighter needed Melb may 12

A 100kg+ fighter is needed to fight on the Fightforce promotion in Melb on may 12 against 150kg first timer opponent big ask i know but anyone seriously keen enough to have a crack contact me asap

Dave LOCK is the guy for this one Adam.


no prob justin fire me an email bro my pc crashed lost the friggin lot mate we will have a chat

How tall is this 150kgs guy and what is his background in training and where does he train?

I just lost 11kgs in the past 2 weeks :(

More info on the guy would be appreciated, 150kg of muscle is a different prospect to 150kg of unfitness to put it politely.

NOt bob sapp type 150kg lol if thats what you mean lol :) on the larger side of chubby but fit

It will be good watching a more experienced guy at around 100kgs take on a 150kgs guy.

Looking forward to this fight also

any interest in a david vs. goliath? If so, send Justin Lawrence or myself an email, maybe he'll let me travel for the weekend.

Brian Ebersole brian@frankshamrock.com

I dunno if Im 100kg yet....

was 96kg earlier after lots of yum yum's.

Still got a lot of chocolate yet to eat :)

Could be interested in Brian v Australia's palest fighter in a month or 2. maybe early July in BNE???

Might bring LOCKIE up too as Brandon is at 105kg now :(

We'll chat tommorrow kym.


Matty Knight is the country's palest fighter...

but I should be interested...


Interested in the fight or interested in Matty Knight? ;)

ps - bloodnuts are DQ'd from the "palest fighter" category :D

Found anyone yet? I'd do it if I wasn't so slim and trim.