101 Submissions?

Does anyone on here have this DVD? I am thinking of buying it and just wanted to get some opinions on it. Thanks in advance.

Definitely worth it!! Two thumbs up! 5 stars! Fun for the whole family. You will laugh, you will cry. This is truly an epic!

You get the point . . . buy it.

Cool - thanks.

Awesome dvd,you can watch it over and over. Has gi and no gi

excellent dvd. like kenflo says, it's great for both the sport enthusiast and the uninitiated.

The best DVD they sale IMO!!!

I even have a team mate on it getting Armbarred in the No-Gi section:-( .....and I laugh at him everytime:-)

Must have for any Grappler!!!

buy it, you won't regret it!

I ordered mine on April 30th. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Okay, where can I get it?

I just got it 20 minutes ago. you can find it in: www.onthemat.com

go to:store and scroll down
youll find it there

I have to warn you, I can only find 100 submissions.

They hid that 101'st so well, I have no idea where it is. :)

Damn, met Gumby at the weekend, should have picked it up.

Got Scar Tissue off him though, some great stuff on that.


Good video. I recommend it.

It's pretty expensive, but these guys are trying to make some of the $ they lose travelling, sponsoring, and making these videos/dvds. Still, I'd only recommend it to the hardcore fan.

It's a great way to introduce people to BJJ.