101 Subs DVD

I've been on an instructional DVD kick lately and just a little bit ago I ordered from onthemat.com that 101 Submissions DVD and also Marc Laimon's Tournament Tested Techniques DVD. For all those who own these already....how do you like them? Did you learn much from them?

I learned alot of shit from Laimon's Mundial Remix tapes so his tournament tested techniques should be good.

Tournament tested was really good.

The 101 DVD is the shit. The score is great, and the moves are sweet. There were at least 4 setups i had never seen. GREAT JOB!

101 is really fun to watch.

guess I have lots to look forward to then =) they should arrive Fri or maybe Sat. nobody will be seeing me for a while since I'll be watching those damn things over and over again, just like I am watching Rodrigo Medeiros' open and closed guard DVDs....which are also great by the way.

This DVD kicks major ass

is this DVD set up like the Laimon remixes? Where it more-or-less a montage of moves from tournaments? Who sells it? Tell me more! LOL

Gi and No-GI subs only with a decent little backtrack of music. Gi with Hip-Hop and No-Gi with punk. My favorits are Gi and Punk so I would have liked them together but nobody asked me. ;-)

Regular motion sub with a slo mo replay.

I've watched it enough to where I know when to mute and un-mute when the kids are in the room.

"Gi and No-GI subs only with a decent little backtrack of music."

...taken from tournament footage? Or shown by someone in a studio setting?

Angelo: onthemat.com will have more info since that's where I ordered them from


Live tournament footage.



Thanks Scotty...I will definitly buy it for myself soon, for X-mas since I have been a very good boy.