101ST sound off

A buddy and I report to Campbell by dec. 12th as E-4 11B's. We're both P.S. MARINES. We're just looking for some info. about the units there and some info. on how to possibly get to LRSD or Pathfinders. Thanks in adavance for any info..

Yeah.  I've got some advice.  Do your time as a team leader and do a great job.  Go to and graduate Ranger School.    Inspire your subordinates to do the same.  Develop and sharpen your leadership skills.  Learn Army doctrine     (FMs;  Infantry platoon and squad, Urban Operations, etc.  inside and out.  As former Marines, you have some catching up to do.  After that, check into LRSD or the Pathfinder Detachment.


Will do!

Hey Vampire, this is John Renken. We have a gym at Ft. Campbell and if you come talk with me before signing in we can walk you over to some units.




I'm at 101st Pathfinders. I also train with John (TEAM HAVOC).

What do you want to know?

Thanks John, that sound great. I should be out there on the 10th. I'll keep you posted.

Whatever, hows it going? What I was actually interested in doing was getting into LRSD or Pathfinders. But I'm told that that is impossible, got no wings or tab. So It seems like I'm bound for the new UA there. Which is a good thing I hear cause of all the school slots they should be getting. Also, I've talked with the S.F. recruiter, and I'll be submitting my app. for selection when I get there. But he said that I won't be going to tryouts till feb. or mar..

The only other things I was interested in finding out was general info. on units and which ones to shoot for.

Again thanks for your time, and I'll be seeing you guys soon.

There is no more LRSD at division level. The Pathfinder company I was assigned to was LRS and was changed over a few months back. But the missions are much better anyway, so its a good thing.

As far as what unit you will go to, its a coin toss. The new UA was filled, and most guys in the replacement company were sent to the other brigades. As far as schooling, the new units get no more slots than any other unit. The rumor that they get more money for schools is BS; it is simply not true. The units are all allocated the exact amount of school slots which now is even less due to the fact there are four brigades instead of two.

Come talk to me at John's school BEFORE you sign in. DO NOT sign in and then come for a chat. As soon as you sign in your presence will be known to division and you will be assigned. But there is a chance you could get to a good unit if you make a good impression.

Thank you Whatever, I'll keep you posted as to what day I'll be out for sure and we'll try and hook up. I'm also interested in Johns school. Even though I only rolled a few times, since I got out of the CORPS, I'm still interested in learning this an d even competing in a MMA/NHB tourny. But I still have a lot to learn.

Should I just use John's # to get in touch w/ you or do you have one I should use. If so, and you don't wanna post it here, you can e-mail me at cseate@yahoo.com. I check it every couple days.

Hope you guys had a great THANKSGIVING and continue to have one, Be safe.


I'm there after 1700 usually every day. Call or drop by.

GTG man, will do.

PS 101st 3d BDE Rakkasans! 3-187th from 90-92.

Got my orders today, I'll be going to 1st BDE.

Whatever, I went down and talked to John and got some info. on his stuff. I'm gonna check with my Unit as soon as I get there and hopefully I'll be attending the level 1 soon. I had a buddy try out for pathfinders and he got his letter of acceptance. So he should be down soon.