1039 HP?

These guys claim 1039 HP from this Supra. Toyota guys,help me out, is that really possible?

linkttt for your question. 1000+hp supra? I could think of much better ways to waste that much money & get a much faster car.

Definitely possible to get 1000 hp or more out of a Supra.

Cire, what would you get besides a Supra? There isn't much out there that is as fast as a well modded Supra on a highway roll.

Is having 1000hp really necessary for the street?

Well Supra guys race from a roll at highway speeds, mostly because they aren't as fast in a 1/4 mile type race.

White what kind of car do you drive?

It's possible, the real question is what kind of maintenance is necessary to keep it up. Turbo's are relatively easy on maintenance, but that much power and that much RPM is going to necessitate constant parts replacement simply as a preventative measure.

It's turbocharged.

Remember that BMW got in excess of 1250hp (topped out hte dyno) from a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder back in 1982 that ran long enough to claim the forumula one world championship.

True, but isn't the amount of proprietary engineering involved in Formula cars pretty significant?

Sure but they weren't yet using beryllium and the BMW did have a stock block seasoned to the tune of 100,000 kilometers miniumu.


It is possible to make 1200 hp out of that engine. It doesn't make sense to put it on the street because:

Requires racing fuel at about $6-7 dollars per gallon.

Requires a worked automatic trans and a fully welded rear diff that will be the other side of the spectrum from being streetable.

Requires a roll cage so that the unibody doesn't twist up into a pretzel.

Requires extensive additional tuning for weather fluctuations.

Tires won't hook up.

and about 10 other things.

All this Supra talk reminded me of a video I saw, it is a roll-on between a Supra and a Busa.

When the Supra goes WOT it is incredible, all you can hear is this insane whooooooooshhhhh of air through the turbo, no real engine noise otherwise it is so overwhelming.

BTW the supra dominated the Busa, it looked like the Busa may have shut down after a few seconds but you can see them pass the lookout car that was ahead of them and they shoot by it like it is going 100mph in reverse!

White, I have learned a long time ago that I some one tells you that he has 700+ hp and drives it regularly in the street, they usually don't. If they have a T78 upgrade on it, they usually are talking about the potential of the car or what they got on the dyno 6 months ago. The boost is normally turned way down in the car.

Regarding 1000 hp, I still stand behind the fact that they will roll into the throttle and torque the hell out of that frame without a roll cage or other chassis upgrades. Also the 6 speed won't hold up for long after 850 hp.

You can be correct about the guys in your area running 700 + on the street. It takes big money to do so. However, money doesn't make them smart.

Chicago wrenchheads are notorious for runing big HP on the streets.

This goes back to the 60s and I remember articles about "Flyin' Mile" races where the racers were running 650hp or more.

Reliability would be a bitch.

Possible? Yes.

Probable? Not really.


Another reason I'm annoyed by Dyno's. Does nobody race their shit anymore?

Yea, that's Chris Chow's car. He went 8.60 @ 160 last time he was here in Vegas. His car is definitely not a dyno queen. :) However, putting a SBC V8 in a GN kinda seems like cheating to me. That motor has more in it as it has gone mid 7's in the truck it was pulled from.

And yes, there are a couple of 1000+ hp Supras that can run the numbers. They are rare, but here is one. This is a local guy named Dana, and his car is a full-weight car, all accessories, plus a roll cage.http://www.lvracingscene.com/videos/stream/03-26-04_Dana_8.89.wmvEven with an automatic and a super-loose converter he still needs a shot of nitrous to spool that big-ass turbo. :)

How much torque?