105 on computer?


Someone PLEASE help me, I'm dying here.

UFC should set this up through their website

Friend request sent, thanks mate.


I call bullshit on an HD stream, even if that is what they are advertising.

nvm its back


I'm just saying the stream I'm watching is 400x240 @ 350kbps. The lowest HD resolution (720p) has almost 10 times as many pixels. So you'd need somewhere around 3 Mbps to stream it, with the same crappy sound qaulity. Most homes don't have that kind of bandwidth. I have less than half of that.

Maybe they advertise it as HD and maybe it's a slightly higher res, but isn't HD.

anyone got a linko to pacman, please PM?

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So is the Spike broadcast tape delay or wut?

could someone send me link. please?

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