10th Planet at US Open


 whoo hoo! 


they didnt show it in the video

but a 10th planet guy won a Pankration division too

he clinched and kneed the hell out of his opponent

we have the pankration highlight coming soon!

holy crap I'm ugly.

Don't be so hard on yourself Jimmy. All our girl competitors and girlfriends couldn't stop looking at your butt. They said it was distracting them from the matches. ;)

I wish that lil asian shorty at 1:25-1:28 would pull guard on me. She was a cutie!

lotsa ugly jits and only 1 sub.. hell of a HL vid.

Dear Mad Tiger,

How are you? I am fine, thanks for asking. For the majority of the people that competed, it was their first or second tournament and were in the novice division, 9 months and under. You're probably used to pleanty of beautiful Jiu Jitsu at that level and I'm sorry we've disappointed you. We will work harder in the future to live up to the competition standards set by you. I hope by posting this HL reel, we haven't damaged 10th Planet's already stellar reputation.

I'm sure it's tons fun to come on the thread and talk shit, but I was very proud of our guys who came out and competed. For the most part we did very well. 10 gold and 20 or so medals. I don't usually respond to trolls, but don't be a douche, give them a break.


"Coach" Alder Hampel

p.s. Have a great summer!

 Pankration HL for elgringo

i saw 2 subs.
and is it true that they were all white belt/ novice div? cos i saw a ton of heel hook position knee bar leglock attempts as well as toeholds.
is the us open under a different rule set to the ibjjf.
a lot of crossing the hip line for those leglocks, yikes

 No-Gi Illegal Techniques: Beginner, Novice, Executive & Masters Divisions: No Leg Locks EXCEPT Straight Ankle Lock. No Neck or Cervical Cranks, Wrist Locks, Slamming or Slicers. 

Intermediate: No Twisting Leg locks EXCEPT Inside Toe Hold, No Neck or Cervical Cranks, Wrist Locks, Slamming or Slicers. 

Advanced: No Slamming 

From the website.  I was curious too.

Congrats on having your team compete though, it's great getting your students to compete early and have such a big turnout.

Damnit I didnt see one take down attempt in that video. Congrats to the 1st time competitors though, its always good when someone has the balls to get out their.

i am shocked and appalled by mad tigers response. he usually is such a huge fan.

Uncle Chris - I wish that lil asian shorty at 1:25-1:28 would pull guard on me. She was a cutie!

She had a triangle, ALL day in her match she didn't see. Considering how long she's been training I was pretty impressed. I reffed some guys who looked sharp.

Looks like everyone had alot of fun!!!! I think we all forget thats why you train in the first place..Its fun!! If you can keep that while competing youll be successful.

bgup, you may have started to training for fun, but some of us take this more seriously. i train to know that no matter what type of board meeting i am at, i can kick every man woman and childs ass who is there

i also train for the cool bumper stickers and late night training sessions at the local strip club.

the pankration was great, watching it made me want to try it, but i hope i dont get hurt, looked crazy. no shin pads, so there was tons of shin on shin action.

check out 2:57 of the video

accidental knee to the balls, followed by accidental knee to the face, brutal!