10th Planet = BJJ/VT watered down

I think this school is the best example of what happens when old school BJJ gets bigger. We have an instructor who has never fought teaching MMA. He produces fighters who prefer buttscooting instead of taking people down. Mostly because their own instructor favours half guard in sport grappling. Wich he would have known doesnt cross over to fighting if he had actually fought. This is how McDojos start people.

I think we should make a paypal fund to hire these guys a wrestling coach

Its still not too late

The best grappler Eddie has ever produced is Eddie and he lost his ADCC debut.

Ironic, that he is the only one that did tons of GI grappling ;-)

Taits jiu jitsu was average at best on TUF.

Had Eddie produced even 1 good fighter???

Eddie doesn't even teach MMA.
WTF are you talking about?

I'm sorry, but if you're going to fight, you better
know how to fight from half guard (and that means more
than just knowing how to get back to full guard). Way
too many guys get stuck there and have no clue how to
do anything but lay their flat on their back and get
pounded after they can't get back to full guard. I'm
not saying half guard is the cornerstone of the MMA
game, but what sort of thinking leads you to simply
abandon efforts to progress method and strategy for a common position in MMA, when the current methods and
strategies don't cut it?

"That kickboxer got beat by Royce so kickboxing
doesn't cross over so nobody should train that."

"That wrestler got beat by Royce so wrestling doesn't
cross over so nobody should train that."

Oh, that sort of thinking.

artvanderlei. You only have so many hours to train. To say that you should disregard wrestling and striking so you can train to use halfguard as an offensive position is crazy. Its not even proven to work in MMA. Im sure your response will be that none of those guys have trained in Eddies system and use his strategies. Wich is almost cult like or McDojoish.

I know Kung Fu masters that can be UFC champs. They just dont want to compete in MMA otherwise they would prove it. But i swear their system works! They stop takedowns with their horses stance

Diego Stole My Name, please come to 10th Planet and show me your jiu-jitsu skills. I am always eager to learn from those who are apparently far better than I am. After training under Renzo, Caique, Royler, Rolker and now Eddie for the last three years, I am eager to see what you can show me that will improve my game.

10th Planet is located in the Bomb Squad, 7327 Santa Monica Boulevard at the corner of Fuller Avenue. Park in the Trader Joe's across the street or across from the Smart and Final. Night classes are Monday-Thursday, starting at 8:30PM and I'll be there tonight looking for your instruction.

Diego has hit the correct.

The halfguard/lockdown is effective in MMA. But, I guess if you don't know what the hell you're doing... you probably suck at it and you could get your face pounded in. It's easy to dismiss the shit you suck at and don't understand. Learn it, get on the mat with someone who is good at it... then come back and talk about how bad it sucks.

no challenge Lennysir--he criticizes my school and what we learn/teach, I want to see what he can show me that is so much better. It's one thing to criticize an individual's personality that you may not like, but to disparage what we do at 10th Planet on the mat, I take it personally. Hence, I want to see what Diego can show me that is so much better.


and nick thomson.......


Im not a jiu jitsu instructor but then again i never claimed to be. I never even mentioned your gyms sport grappling achievments. But if you like you can buy my plane ticket to the US and you and Eddie can pay me a small salary and i would be happy to give you guys daily wrestling instructions at your gym. So i fail to see what i can teach you about sport jiu jitsu since i never claimed your gym lacked it

"Jason Chambers is 16-5-1 according to sherdog
Gerald Strebendt is 8-6-0 according to sherdog."

Both haven't been with Bravo their whole careers. Chambers is 1-3-1 in his last five fights. While Gerald is 2-3.

And EGM-

I can criticize Mark Coleman's way of training. They don't focus enough on submissions and striking, and it has shown in his MMA fights. When he can't take an opponent down he is usually lost. Now I just criticized his way of training, but would I have to prove it by going over to Hammer House and showing him how to strike or do an armbar? First, he already knows those things, he just decides not to work too much on them, and second I am an amateur fighter and a fan... I am not qualified to be teaching a professional fightger. But I can still voice my opinion and criticize his training regimen. I believe the half guard is not a good position for MMA, look at how badly Chris Brennan was beaten by Shaolin because Brennan decided to stay in the half guard too long.

Its ok to criticize, Diego did not say that "Eddie is a peice of shit that doesn't know anything" he just honestly voiced his opinion, and on an internet MMA board this is to be expected.

Eddie is a piece of shit that doesn't know anything!


"Pretty sure Strebendt and Chambers have both pulled off twisters in MMA."

Not against anyone with a pulse


come on guys. We can all chip in and get them a wrestling trainer.

Diego is a bit harsh, but absolutely correct. Anyone who saw Tait unable to take the blue haired fatty down without feigning a knockout and flopping to guard would have to concur.

Diego Stole My Name states:
"I know Kung Fu masters that can be UFC champs. They just dont want to compete in MMA otherwise they would prove it. But i swear their system works! They stop takedowns with their horses stance"

DSMN.. Quite f*&^%$ around, post something that we can benefit from.

You underestimate the horses stance my friend